Old HDD getting slower

What make old HDD slower with time ?
I salvade old HDD that whould nit let browser complete download at the first minutes, swichet it to better machine and same goes ,same check did change to second installed drive and download cut off again, the browser is installed on the old drive .
is it dangerres to harvester ? Will HDD start cutting out?

so, do I understand correctly, that your operating system is installed on this hdd?

A couple of things considered:

  • When drives get more full, they often get slower
  • When a drive is very full (say over 80%) drives might loose performance considerably as the operating system might have to shift files around. Windows indicates this in red:
    that beeing said, you want to have a plot drive full to the brim.

as for your issue with the download which cancels:
This is not drive related. Most likely you are suffering internet connection issues (connected with wifi?)
Alternatively, the server which you are downloading from is having issues


Trusted network formated HDD with wi10n installed

So whats goe wrong when reaching the end of capacity?

then the harddrive is full and you cant save anything on it anymore. Additionally your system gets very slow. How full is your harddrive? :sweat_smile:

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Its empty , i did manage to transfer the file with usb to the old HDD

First question should have been what type of hard disk, size and speed (RPM). When was the last time you scanned this disk (defrag or disk check?)

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imho a download should not break for any of the following reasons:

  • slow disk
  • disk type
  • disk size (except if not enough space)
  • fragmented disk
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Just did a quick search, nobody should be using a rotary drive as the system disk anymore
Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive SATA III MZ-76E500 | eBay

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I think even Windows 10 assumes most users are on SSD by now. This is where most of the "grandma’s computer " jokes came from - any office PC from 2013 (or earlier) had a great run, but the tech and standards have changed a lot in 10 years (even a browser is hard work for an old machine). I agree with the other insights provided - it may may be more than just the drive (but a failing drive should be retired too).

Grandmas pc hold the highest value in the proof of space and time category, . Hase’nt it?

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Grandmas PC is collection dust in those 5 1/4 disks…

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Ye we call it efficiant storage, its not like i want to places my unreal tournament cd on a hard objact for to long

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Niether my gta vice city

Can I use ssd drives to plot on or does it mess them up


I have been using Samsung’s 2TB 980 Pro NVMe drives for plotting, almost non-stop, for nearly 2 years, and have seen no performance change.

But to answer your question: Yes, it will mess them up (eventually). But with a quality SSD, it will take a long, long time.

A low-end SSD will probably have issues sooner. However, such an SSD is not suitable for plotting (it will be slow). And since it is slow, it will take longer to write enough data to them to mess them up.

Chia plotting has revealed that quality SSDs can take a beating. I do not recall anyone posting that they wore out their SSD. And if there are a handful of people that have done so, they are the exception. If it was a common problem, there would be many people reporting the issue. I have not seen such reports.

If an SSD fails, it will probably be due to a power hit, or improper cooling, before being due to writing it to death.


Just wondered because amazon has them for around 110 dollars for a 16TB, I did just order that samsung you have with a pcie for my desktop, taking a gamble on a 32TB SSD external from china it may not work atol but very cheap on ebay

oh yes, wuite some people wore out their ssd. but its definitely not one a week how many people and news pages in the beginning suggested. Mine are worn out after a year. Id definitely not use them anymore for any system running on them but they are still fine for plotting :beers:


neither of which will have 16 tb. Does not exist at that price point and in consumer sector.
These chinese drives often just display as a 16tb drive. in face they just overwrite in loop what has been written before. If you are very lucky it might perhaps be a 1tb drive.


It is a long standing problem with Amazon (and other sites) not taking down scam SSD listings.

Some months ago, I called Amazon about a different issue. At the conclusion of my call, I pointed out two scam SSD listings (there are many more). They thanked me, and nothing ever happened. I checked for a week or so, and the listings never came down.

@valminer, the sellers write their own firmware, presenting 16 TB to the OS, when the drive likely has, perhaps, 16 GB, at most.

Here is one of many videos that describe the scam:

The 10:00 time mark describes the above.
Earlier in the video, the host tested the speed, and it was abysmal.

The sellers count on people not exceeding the drive’s true, physical capacity, until the refund period expires.

I suggest that you immediately test your purchases, and start the refund process when your phony SSDs fail your tests (they will fail).

Please give proper feedback on the sites you made the purchases, to help others from getting scammed.