On-line store Cryptocurrency gateways


We are building a new on-line store selling designer European brands.

While there are many Crypto payment gateways available in the market, I have not, as yet, found a store payment gateway processing Chia.

Does anyone know of store payment gateway (s) processing Chia?



I’m guessing its too early in chia lifetime to find these. Especially with price dropping consistently.


I see Crypto like shares on the smaller markets, like the AIM London share market. It is all about trust.

As a farmer, I would like to see the trust in Chia grow. I see, maybe incorrectly, the ability to trade goods for Chia is away of growing trust. The liking Chia to tangible items. In the same way Bitcoin was liked to the value of a Tesla for a while.

If any one out there is developing ideas on Chia payment gateways I would be interested to know more.