One farmer- few harvesters

A - farmer - Unraid machine with docker, funs as full_node, port forwarded, synced, farming looks good.
B- QNAP old server with Unraid and again docker - harvester only, done all steps following the official wiki page. I do not want to plot there (not even can as its old Atom CPU, 32bit) but want to use this NAS as harvester with some plots there. CA certs copied, plots check done - all looks good. Keys are matching but I cannot see plots from this NAS in my full node machine A:

I got in A logs:

2021-04-28T06:19:43.709 farmer farmer_server              : INFO     -> new_signage_point_harvester to peer 2f6385bffe158xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

and then

2021-04-28T06:19:43.725 farmer farmer_server              : INFO     <- farming_info from peer 2f6385bffe158xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No info in logs about plots space from harvester B and I do not see these plots in my full_node

Any ideas?
I prefer not to mount plots via network shares but follow wiki but got stuck here.

In future I want to:
C - plot on my main windows machine and harvest all files, one per 24h move these into one of NAS
D,E - another two NAS storages are waiting for plots. I want to use any available space as got over 30TB free space distributed among few NAS waiting for plots :slight_smile:

So I managed to connect. At least I think its done properly.
Problem was docker at my NAS - it did not handled starting harvester only - got some errors from one of python scripts. Workaround - let it start usual. Then manually stop other services and restart harvester.

Next, perhaps dumb question, but I want to be sure.
So GUI at my machine that is full_node shows only local plots (in this case 11 on usb disk)
other are listed only in Last_Attemped_Proof section yes?

One of my NAS has 27 plots now, second - plotting machine harvests current ones (1 in this case).

So does it look normal and OK? I got sometime passed info so I assume its farming properly.
Just want to be 100% sure.

How I can get quick view for proper Estimated Time To Win then? Need to wait for new GUI version?