One K-32 plot in 20 minutes?

My Norton 360 deletes it “as soon as” I unzipped it.

I scanned it with Avast and Malwarebytes, didn’t find any issues.

how to set for amount of ram it can use?

You don’t need to it looks like.

See the section on RAM usage in the readme GitHub - stotiks/chia-plotter

I set thread to 4 but when the task start it used all the cores & threads.

Perhaps someone has a syntax example which others can use as a base.

For and see output of chia keys show.

In my case I navigated to the chia install folder in Powershell and had to type
.\chia keys show

Perhaps it is helpful for someone else.

On my part, even with all the anti-virus programs disabled, the executable (.exe) fails to execute. No window.

copy and save it as batch file ex. start_plot.bat and run


REM Set amount to -1 for infinity plot
REM Folder need to manually pre-create

set amount=1
set thread=4
set poolkey=
set farmerkey=
set tempfolder=C:\TEMP\
set temp2folder=C:\TEMP\
set finalfolder=C:\FINAL\

chia_plot.exe -n %amount% -r %thread% -t %tempfolder% -2 %temp2folder% -d %finalfolder% -p %poolkey% -f %farmerkey%

Thank you! A bat file would make it indeed easier!

Will it show the output of chia_plot in the screen if i run the bat file in Powershell?

As of right now v0.0.3-alpha, set thread to 4 is a bit useless because it still use all threads at 100% with the result of 4 threads!, so better set to maximum threads system available for real performance and waiting for a new version that fix the issue.

The idea of this plotter is to use all available ressources afaik.

I also like that it copies the final plot on a 2nd thread and renames it properly so it is discovered once the copy is done.

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Yes, but for this, it should reflect to the thread that has been set to. I don’t want to max out cpu 24/7, it will cause system instability and sometimes want to keep some room for other tasks.

So if you start it now, you should not set n = -1 as it will lockup your system, right?

you can use -1 no problem, it just infinity loop plotting one at a time.

the problem is it try to use more thread than what I have set, i understand it’s still an alpha version, waiting for later fix.

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How come I don’t get to this window?

It’s not using GUI, has to be run from the Command Line. I put mine in a batch file similar to the one Chai-Kung posted above. Makes it easy to start and set your variables.

Also if the program won’t run you might need “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable” installed.

I did create the bat file

I get 5 lines of settings output and then: “chia_plot.exe has stopped working.”

Here is what I use in my bat file, just need to add the public and farmer key, and change the path to where you have your Chia_Plot executable.

@echo off
START C:\Users\jeffn\Desktop\plotter\chia_plot.exe -n 3 -p Your_Public_key -f Your_Farmer_key -2 K:\Chia-Temp\ -t A:\Chia-Temp\ -r 24 -d N:\

I’m thinking about wrapping this thing in Ploto (My Plot Manager), so that it also support that plotter. But from what I see one does not really need a Plot Manager at all, right? How do you guys think about that perspective?