One Plot Folder per Drive or Several

What is the recommendation, have a single plot folder on a single drive, or break them up, have several folders with plots inside of them. If the latter, what is recommended for the number of plots per folder.

I don’t think there’s any reason to split it up unless you have many thousands of plots in a single folder, which seems unlikely.

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Currently each folder has 20 plots and there are 5 folders per drive, I just wondered if it would be any benefit to move all of the plots @ 100+ into a single folder.

It is easier to add only one that five.

I do not recommend more than ~165 plot files per folder. That covers 18tb drives so technically the answer is yes, it is OK to have one plot folder per drive.

I had 825 plot files in a single folder on a NAS and it caused MASSIVE carnage. I probably lost close to ~20 chia over that (it was early days and I had a 9 hour estimated win time for ~5 days, but my harvester times were hundreds of seconds, so I never won a single coin…) I think that was more about the NAS than anything else, but still… I strongly advise against “thousands of plot files in the same folder”.