One Temp Directory or should I be running 4x 2TB Temp Directories?

Hey Guys,

Intel S2600CW Board with 2x 10c 20th CPUs (E5-2660v3) and 256GB of RAM
1x RAID Controller running 4x 18TB SATA drives in RAID 0
1x Gigabyte AORUS Gen4 AIC SSD 8TB (4x 2TB Gen 4 NVMe SSDs in RAID 0)
1x 512GB NGFF M.2 SSD (OS is installed here)

I’ve committed 230GB of RAM and 38threads for plotting, the 8TB is the temp directory and the plots are placed in the 65TB (4x 18TB RAID)

Am I being a pleb by working only with one Temp Directory or should I rather be running 4x 2TB Temp Directories, with each directory plotting to it’s own 18TB Drive?

Thanks for the advice,

I would certainly not RAID 0 the final array, as 1 disk failure would nix your entire farm. As for the raid 0 on the temps, performance wise it might not differ all that much, just make very sure your raid controller can pass trim. Personally I’d go without RAID though. KISS etc.


IMHO for 4x 18TB RAID - is better to use just 4x 18TB not raid. It will be easiest for maintain. Imagine what one of disks out or you need it replace or something else. In case of raid you will lose all other 3x18.
For ssd array you can have some benchmarks. Most important not R/W speed but sustained write throughput.


You guys are awesome, thanks for quick response.

As others have said, definitely RAID 0 is a no-no from me, the risk of losing all the disk because of 1 disk failure is just too much.
I have set mine to RAID 5 (1 redundancy, which I will lose capacity of 1 drive), but it gives me a chance to recover my volume for any of 1 drive failure. Maybe a bit overkill, consider each plot has a lifetime between 5-10 years, it makes me sleep better :smile:

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