Only 66% at "Points Successful in Last 24 Hours "

I am using space pool, and the Points Balance growed so slow.
In my pool tab,“Points Successful in Last 24 Hours” only 66%
I think there must be something goes wrong,any one can help?
and i checked the log file,but don’t know how to handle it.

Look at your log. After each submission of a partial it will tell you what the response was from the pool. If you are having that many failed submissions, you should be able to see why. My guess is that you are responding too slowly.

Your guess is right,connection fail randomly.
I must make change for another pool.

2021-07-14T00:14:26.528 farmer chia.farmer.farmer         : ERROR    Error connecting to pool: Cannot connect to host

As I keep say, the pools attract people with problems and decrease average payout for everyone. Check the logs. Could be many things.

A situation like this would not affect the payout for the rest of the pool members. Because he is not successfully submitting partial proofs. So that means he is not earning points for portions of his space. So, I don’t see the logic in your statement.

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Your statement don’t make sense.
I losed the points by this situaiton.And others doen’t affected by this.


Only if you believe that the chia client is in pools as effective as on single farmers. Seriously, the chia dev team has apparently no clue about anything. I would not be surprised if eventually it came out the whole pooling stuff was bugged as hell. Just see how full the problem tracker for the client client on github is and the support team is totally overwhelmed by the number of issues reported.

And you believe single farmers are immune to these suspected issues? Sounds a little biased. I have seen the issues list. With something this new and this big, it doesn’t surprise me. It will get taken care of. It will just take time.

Most of our farmers get 0-2% invalids/stales generally due to taking too long to lookup plots. You generally have up to 5 seconds to submit a partial to the pool. The reference pool protocol will take too long to process this once they get over a couple hundred farmers but some pools will have done modifications to improve this.


As I said before. Pools will mostly attract people with zero clue and bad hardware. If you know what you do and have good Hardware and internet your expected revenue will be higher as a solo farmer. If the chia devs even fucked up the code only half as much as I expect they have, pools soon will even kick out the bad members who pull down everyone’s chance of winning or their expected returns.

Weakest link in the chain and so.

And again, I’m going to point out that what you are saying makes absolutely no sense. If someone had no clue, bad hardware or internet, they will not be submitting proofs to the pool. Meaning they will not earn points. Meaning they do not get the cut of the pie that they should. They are not affecting the pool size or payout portions. I don’t understand why you don’t get this.


So there are no resources people with bad internet are taking in a pool? Even if they just slow down answer times, this is bad.

Also people with bad Hardware will hurt pools from a Marketing POV. Which pool will you join? One with 1 TB and 0 XCH won or one with 1 TB and 4 XCH won?

So pool Managers will have an incentive to keep such people away or kick them out of their pool.

That is just so wrong. A pool is the same as solo farming. If you can’t perform, you get nothing. The fact that you can’t get your shit together has nothing to do with anyone else, period (in a pool or solo). To earn points, you need to submit proofs. Just like solo farming. If you can’t submit proofs, you get nothing. It is exactly the same. Pool operators do not care if you are slow. That is your problem. It does not effect the operation of the pool only the performance of that person. I have tried to explain this 3 times now. If you don’t get it by now you obviously have a bias against pools and cannot be brought into reality. I give up. Enjoy your version of reality.


Wolfgang is right.
I get less points for my pool while plotting.

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