Pool Launch

Greetings everyone!

I would like to announce the launch of OpenChia Pool!

Yet another pool? With the number of sketchy pools out there our aim is to be as transparent as possible.
How? First completely open source pool. All the code is made available so anyone can inspect, and even use it to create another pool, we are not concerned about that. Its all about being open, transparent and contributing to the community.
For that intent we also provide real time logs of the pool server in the website, because we have nothing to hide.
Currently the website offers an explorer with information about farmers. Soon enough we are going to extend it to show extra information for blocks, points, partials and payouts. They are already in the API which is also available for anyone to use.

Our pool code is based on the pool reference code but modified to our needs.
Both API and website code are also available at github. .
It can be used to ask for feature requests, report bugs or even contribute.

We are launching with a 0% pool fee, planning to have a 1% fee in the long term.
Paying method is PPLNS but for now payments are almost immediate as our pool size is still minimal.
There is no minimum payout at this point, you get what you contributed for.

Github: openchia
API: /api/doc

Thank you for reading!