Optane p5800x worth the price?

Just hypothetically, does the Intel Optane p5800x have a use case for Chia plotting?
Is it faster than RAM disk? Is it more cost-effective?

Sure, it is a marvel of alien technology deposited in our hands, but so expensive… Can one Optane 1.6 TB justify its $4k price tag over a server machine with 512 GB RAM?

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No, I don’t think so. You could have made a case for a large Optane drive for parallel plotting—i.e. prior to madMAx and BladeBit—but even then there were other, more-affordable options such as the 960GB 905P. Nowadays, you can get 512GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM for BladeBit for about what you’d spend on even the smallest P5800X, and you can go with a relatively-inexpensive dual-socket C602 or C612 platform (since you won’t need PCIe Gen 4.0). And it’s even cheaper and easier to get up and running with madMAx.

I still think Optane is great for madMAx. It can’t be beat, especially if you’re determined (as I am) not to shred NVMe drives on your way to glory. The low read and write latencies of 3D XPoint seem to speed up plotting cf. NAND flash. However, you can get by with a lowly 280GB 900P—I found mine on eBay for about $240!

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As soon as a plotter was released that can run entirely in RAM on old used servers… SSDs/Optane lost a lot of their shine. RAM will be faster, use less power, and last longer.

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I guess you all don’t read the Chia.net blog which mentioned below Intel study on Optane.

Blog post:

Mentioned Optane use for Chia.

hopefully the 400GB P5800X gets down to around $500-600 over time. P5800X is amazing, just a little too expensive unless you have a very high end machine. The 905P 960GB for $700 on Newegg is actually the steal for plotting. Also, don’t buy these drives unless you have an awesome use case after Chia plotting. They are the fastest SSDs on the planet, so they are really useful in many other applications like video editing.

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mad max does just fine with old used data center $300 SSD’s.

there is 0 reason to spend thousands of dollars on fancy SSD’s for plotting

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As I wrote above, my Optane drive cost $240. Cheers.

Just go to ebay buy one of these new P4800X for really cheap, space is sufficient for MadMAx


I cannot see how any NVME, SSD - enterprise or consumer including Optane beats RAM. Unless you factor in that to get really large amounts of ram you need to be using servers with enough ram slots, which you might not have.

That being said, 2-3x reasonably fast dual xeon servers with 256-512GB ram, probably cost less than some of these Optane SSDs and I guarantee will crank out more plots than you can handle.

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In hindsight i just should have bought more RAM :slight_smile:

I can see these Optane drives are good and I guess they will do the job. If they end up with low wear you are only renting them fairly cheap.

You’re right, I am seeing the 280GB INTEL 900P U.2 SSD on eBay for about $200~ish, it seems like it has ~5PBW lifespan which should be plenty for plotting. However, the 280GB size might be a little tight if you need to store the last plot long enough for it to get copied without blocking the next plot creation. Might want to have two of them, one each for temp1 and temp2.

Alternatively, you can still get Intel P4500 1TB for ~$200 as well, which might be another decent contender at the price point.

I think it depends a lot on the situation and user interests.

If your farm is not too large (100’s of TB or less), then $200-400 for enterprise SSD can be plenty.

If you already have a system with e.g. 32GB or 64GB RAM, its probably cheaper to just get ^^^ SSD’s than replace the entire RAM set with 128GB (most consumer mobo’s have 4 RAM slots or less).

I’ve been plotting NFT plots since official release using a single rig with 128GB RAM + an Intel p4610 1.6TB. It yields up to 50 plots per day. My farm size approaches 300TB

Feels kinda slow.

Just for perspective, one other pool member plotted the same amount with 15 rigs (128GB RAM each) in just 9 days, and obviously far surpassed my farm size by now.

I guess the takeaway is that hardware choice depends on your goals: how many TB and at what speed you need to fill out. Though getting at least 128GB RAM first would be 1st priority. Getting an Optane drive could be a great addition to such rig if you are in this for long haul and targeting 1PB territory