Optimal chia plotting rig

Hi all,

My current setup: intel i7 10700F (8 cores 16 threads)
B460M pro vdh wifi motherboard
16gb of ram (8x2)
512gb m.2 nvme ssd
500gb of storage
750W Psu

I understand that ssd n hdd are keys.
What should i upgrade? Do i need 2 (1tb x2 m.2 nvme ssd or can i stick with my 512ssd with an additional 2tb nvme ssd? Or 2 x 2Tb nvme? Pls advise.
Shld i upgrade to ryzen 12 core (3900x or 3950x) is the different huge compared to my current 8 cores i7 10700f.
Shld i also increase ram to (32gb / 64gb)
Gpu is msi rtx 3060ti. (Plan to sell this n get any budget gpu) or can i continue to mine eth on this while plotting chia.

Hdd wise i plan to use multiple 16tb external storage as they are availble from my area. N connect them to a common usb port to connect to my cpu.

This might answer some questions Optimizing Plotters in Windows – The Chia Farmer

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I am not a technical person, but would appreciate if someone is able to tell me with my current specs, what settings shld i set assuming i will be getting multiple 16tb external hdd. Shld i add 2 1Tb nvme or can i just use my current 512nvme n add another 2tb nvme. Ram wise what shld i upgrade to? 32gb 64gb? Just wanna run it optimally


CPU can handle 8-12 plotters at the same time (2-4 threads each, staggered)
RAM can handle 3 plotters at the same time (3400 RAM each)
NVMe can handle 2 plotters at the same time (256GB each, staggered)

-Should you upgrade? Yes.
-Do you need NVMes? Yes. Get 2 x 1TB. NVMes will then be able to handle 10 plotters (staggered)
-If you upgrade to Ryzen, you will need new motherboard and RAM
-Should you Increase RAM? Yes, Get 64GB. So then the RAM will be able to handle 17 plotters and you never have to worry about RAM again. If you go with 32GB, you can only handle 8 plotters.
-I would like to know the price of the 3060ti. Yes you can mine eth while plotting chia.
-USB port is fine with externals.

I only have 2 m.2 slots. Will getting 2x 2tb work better than 2x1tb ? Or no difference. I read that some ppl say have 3 ssd. 1 for boot. N 2 for temp. Can i just remove my 512? N just insert 2 x 1tb or 2x 2tb n let it run? Lastly ram part… if able to, shld i go for 64gb x2 ?

Assuming i dont change cpu n motherboard.

Would it make sense that i upgrade ram to 128gb asides from 64gb or there really isnt much diffrence?

N the nvme part. 2 x 2tb or 2x 1tb… or nkt much difference? Pls advise me master.

My rtx 3060ti was bought back last year at launch for $739 sgd with this cpu setup… now the price has skyrocketed due to shortages…wasnt into mining then till recently after i started on my single rtx 3060ti… wanted to get more but prices here are above scalpers price…

FYI it’s “plotting” not mining, I’ve edited your post to be … cooler :sunglasses:

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yes, master. Plotting.

So, can i just do well with 2 x 2tb setup? do I need to have an additional ssd for (OS) in this case i must backup everything to the ssd (OS) or i can just make do with 2 x 2tb ?

2 x 1tb vs 2x 2tb
On the 32gb → 64gb → 128gb. with my system will i see more plots?

Please advise

Think you’re well on your way! :tractor: Go with 2x 2 TB ( the inland and sabrent are both good options) software (mdadm) raid-0 would be ideal. Since 1.0.4 we’ve seen significant memory savings, should be fine with 64GB

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Hi Vandy, So I do not need the additional ssd for (OS)

I can just make do with 2 x 2 TB m.2 nvme ssd right?

ok i will make the minimal 64gb upgrade, in case the price difference aint too big i might just go for 128gb in case in future i upgrade my rig to 3950x with x570 or b550.

right now, just wanna get started and to utilise my currrent i7 10700f (8cores)
and use the money on stuff that is crucial first. like ram / ssd n external hdds

yeah man, go with the cheapest OS ssd you can find, don’t want the OS interfering with your temp storage. keep it separate. I’ve been using the samsung 870 evo 250GB, works a treat

ok i am not a tech person, but the normal OS ssd. it is able to attach to the non nvme slot yes?

non m.2 nvme slot i mean.

Hi, what parrellel settings should i go for? I7 10700f 8 cores 16 threads 64gb ram 2x 2TB M.2 nvme ssd (temp drives) 512ssd (Os) 128TB Of HDD (16TB x 8 externals each) Please please pleade guide me

I provided a bit more info in your other post - here - but posting here to keep this thread updated too.

@Vioskcoin don’t open multiple topics for the same thing… let’s pick one topic and stick with it OK?

Ok noted. Thank you.

I have a problem with my rig.
I’m on Windows 10 with an Asus tuf x570
Ryzen 3900x
48gb of ddr4 3200 ram 2x8 gskill ripjaws 3200 and 1 32gb patriot viper gaming
And last but not least 2 nvme m2
1x Corsair mp510 920gb and
1x crucial p5 2tb both gen3 I think
Iam trying out to plot 10 parallel
3x on the Corsair and
7x on Crucial with a stagger of 30 mins and settings 2 threads 4000 ram but it takes close to 18-20 hours to finish the 1st plot.
Am I missing something?
I’m plotting on GUI cause I’m a clueless noob about powershell and cli.
Any advice ?