Optimal replotting strategy

I am trying to figure out a correct model how to think about benefits of replotting. Seems like they are two reason to join pool as soon as possible:

  1. You want to sell your chia sooner rather than later
  2. You worry that as netspace increases your chances of winning block get smaller and smaller, so it’s better to have part of reward now (through pool) than later.

So seems like deciding when and how fast to replot depends on:

  • cost of replotting(the bigger you are , the bigger the cost) + pool fees
  • if you plan to hodl chia or sell short to mid term

Curious how other think about this, especially those with 100+ TB farms

Well the price of creating a plot is really not very high if you already have the plotting machine.

If your farm is already maxed out, as in you are no longer adding storage and new plots then I see no reason not to replot. (unless you are getting good earning solo farming of course)

If you are still adding storage then I see no reason to replot. In that case you would really have to invest in more plotting capacity just to replot and that will only be worth it when your solo farm is really not rewarding anymore.

I mean there is cost in terms of wearing out ssd + bit of electricity for plotting + time .

Maybe better question is how fast you should replot? I am thinking about buying (then selling for lower cost) extra plotter to help me with decent sized farm

Netspace increase and yield probability decay are the driving factors behind replotting for me. Replotting as fast as possible seems like the best strategy if you’ve maxed out your storage. If still adding new space, plotting new capacity to the smart pooling plot protocol until you reach target farm size, and then replotting the rest. Deploying durable hardware and plot acquisition affordably is the key, whatever your outlook on (re)plotting strategy. I’d rather get a continual stream of daily XCH earnings than leaving it all to luck and going weeks / months / years without block rewards.

I’m planning on hodling rather than selling asap as I believe the price of Chia stands a good chance of multiplying over the medium term and every XCH farmed now is going to take orders of magnitude fewer resources than it will a few years from now. Plus, there are tax benefits to holding crypto assets for a year or more in many jurisdictions. All this means that the daily spot price of Chia doesn’t really factor as a driving force behind decisions right now, especially when considering how constrained demand is by the simple fact that XCH is pretty much only currently available for trading on rando offshore exchanges to non US citizens.

Yes agree here.
I just added a new (second hand) plotter that can plot with ramdisk and SAS drives. My original plotter uses nvme’s to plot.
I will use both to replot for pools quickly, then sell off the first plotter only keeping the one that doesn’t need nvme for the long term so I can use this if I decide to add space later on.

I setup a separate farmer in an old big tower that I picked up for free from somebody that way I can fit all my current hdd’s at very low cost and as far as I’m concerned, low running cost is what it’s all about now.