Order plotting 30 PB

Good day. I will order plotting, uploading to the cloud, the speed is about 30 MB per second. one raft is loaded one hour. in parallel, we are limited only by the speed of your Internet. more than 30 to 50 petabytes.
I can pay daily from 5000 plots.
if someone has their own resources, or access to cloud computing, then I need them. with such a volume, I am ready to pay $ 0.062 per plot.
Please minimum capacity to work with you is 500 plots per day.

I’d think wear and tear and electric is more than you want to pay.
But good luck on your endeavour all the same.


I can help with a price of $0.10 for 500 parcels per day.
Thank you.

sorry no, I announced the price, it can only decrease, but not increase

The problem will be mostly speed of uploading. 500 plots per day - should be around 10G ( not exactly but around ) link. Too expensive for such price per plot.

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Just the electricity to generate that amount of plots a day comes to between $340-$380 at 10 cents per KW per day and you’re willing to pay $310, good luck with that proposition.


I need please. Telegram??

Don’t think your math is correct. I can generate more than 50 plots / day consuming about 7.5 kWh with hardware that’s a decade old. That’s 75 kWh for 500 plots per day. So looking at eletricity only this offer seems Ok.

If you read the post properly it was 5000 plots not 500, so the math is sound, take him up on his offer if you are happy with the deal.

I was looking at the at least 500 / day… but ok 500 * 0.06 != 300. Thanks for making me feel stupid.

Still not sure how you end up with 3800 kWh assuming servers will use 750 kWh?

Not my intension to make you feel stupid, I can’t remember exactly how I got to the figure, I think I based it on my own plotter which was drawing 800watts/hr to generate 40 plots a days, 19.2kw - a 5 year old Z840 Dual Xeon, I still think its a pretty terrible return for your time and system wear and tear, also saturating your uplink.

Don’t worry, just tried to be funny. Agree that the deal most likely doesn’t make sense when factoring in all costs.

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I believe that creating a plot uses less than 0.1kWh.

My old i7 3770 can do >10 plots a day and uses less than 100W. (0.24kWh/plot)
Surely anything modern would beat 0.1kWh/plot?

Hello I actually have 2 providers selling us plots. One at 0,06$ per plot and other at 0,047$ per plot (almost his production cost). They rent physical servers and use bladebit to plot as fast as they can. Please I´m interested on buying more plots. We have the upload infraestructure ready and working so we just need plot creators. Please interested DM or:

Discord: alfa#4663

woo~so many pb,it means that we disappoint of chia?

It means that I need a lot of plots, plotting speed and good price. All my infrastructure is ready to accept plotters.

my ability is 100 plots a day, with high speed internet on azure. ping me… whtsap, +46793316344

can you scale speed?