Over 1000 plots no coins in any fork


I’m farming 1000 plots and got no coins won yet. XCH make sense as my estimated time to win is 2 months. The thing is that I started farming Flax and Spare a week ago in which my estimated time is 2-3 days in Flax and a day in Spare and no winnings for a week now.

I’m monitoring my time to verify and it looks OK to me, of course I’m passing filters on the 3 of them but no winning.

This is how my heatmap looks:

The only issue I can think of is that my port forwarding isn’t working the way it should but I figured out that since I’m synced and passing filters I’m OK.

Am I missing anything?
Am I just unlucky?
Are my plots cursed?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you plotting on the same pc as you farm on?

What is the load on your farming PCs CPU?

I didn’t win any block in flax for 48 hours (expected time to win 16h). Then I shut down plotting (madmax plotter that loaded CPU 100%) and have since then hit three blocks in less than 24 hours.

Was I unlucky while running madmax? Who knows, but I think its a good idea to use a separate computer for farming to reduce the risk of missing blocks due to overloaded CPU.

I used to plot on the farmer using swar manager. I now stopped it but anyway the CPU was not loaded, rarely passing the 50% at peaks. I have NAS connected with ethernet cable to the farmer and another DAS connected with USB.

I am plotting with madmax and I still win a flax block either daily or every 2 days! Estimated time to win 1 day 18 hours.

I definitely have a problem… it’s just that I don’t know where…
Could it be the network configuration or the port forwarding which I’m not sure I did correctly?

I have like 600 Plots and 36 Spare so far (stopped a few days ago though),
It maybe that you might have not configured port forwarding correctly. Do you have Port 8444 (for chia) fowarded? If so, you can send me your public IP in a DM and I can check if 8444 is forwarded correctly.

how many plots do you have?

Around 2000 now. Last time I looked it was 1 day and 12 hours I think.

I have 1200 and nothing… its frustrating !

If your expected time to win is around 2 days and you don’t get anything after 4 days or a week, you should start troubleshooting your system.

Do you know port Spare Network runs?

That are interesting cases mentioned here. I just cultivated 165 plots and have to wait for around 1 year on avergage.
In order not to completely rely on ‘everything should be ok’, is there a way one can ensure that everything is properly configured for actually winning a challenge? Due to this spamming bug filling my debog.log at high frequency I cannot even tell if the lookup time is somehow too long.
@diver, do you see any messages in your .chia\mainnet\log\debug.log file?

My average time to check plot qualities is 1.77 seconds so I don’t think the problem is over there, you can see in my first message the heat map which is generally green. I’m curious how nobody mentions network and porting requirements and trouble shooting. My farmer is connected using fast wifi adapter and I’m connected with 1gb fiber connection to the internet. I can watch 4k videos on YouTube easily but I’m still not sure the port forwarding is working correctly. My debug.log doesn’t show anything special except for 7 bad plots which I removed.

Can I look for network problems ib the debug file as well?

Are you loading all cores of your processor 100% all the time? That was my problem (I think).

Have you won any flax yet? 3x expected time is still probable to happen, if you approach 4x and above I would really start to worry that something is wrong.

Haven’t won flax nor spare yet.
My CPU is rarely passing 10%.

Started flax last Friday, started estimated 2 days now I’m on 3 days.

Started Spare on last Saturday, started estimated 1 day, yesterday went up to 2 days, no winnings.

I’m afraid it’s something with the network…

I have 2127 plot farming flax for a 7days now still nothing no idea is it a scam only try to steal your chia private key ?

Flax isn´t a scam, i got 314 plots and already got 2xfx. So very unlucky for you.

If it depend on luck to win flax then I think it not worth to farm flax …reason even if you have 1000000 plot also need depend on luck

However have tested both 14plot and 2139 both farming for 7days also didn’t win any flax

Have u already checked the log? Maybe u got too high answer times?