Overstocked Chia farming PC case this May (@_@) Do you like this?

Dear chia bros, I am both a crypto miner and an amazon seller. In May, the xch price at ATH, I thought xch will like eth, and the mining gears will become hot cake, so I imported dozens of 10-bay PC cases for xch farming and list them on my Amazon store. but now they are stuck, and Amazon is going to charge me a storage fee sooner.

any ideas I can deal with these?
Any miners like this case? I can offer a promte code if you want this.
Or any suggestions that how I can make use of these cases?

Here is my list on Amazon.com

I have reduced the price to a clearance price 69 USD.

It shows as $89 USD for me btw - has it just not updated yet?

The crappy thing is there are hundreds of PC cases out there. If you want to escape storage fees you just have to drop the price down to where these can move fast. That or do PPC advertising which will significantly eat into any profit anyways.

Even at $69 bucks I can see these taking forever to unload.

I run my own 3PL {Third Party Logistics} AKA warehouse and have a few ecom companies and also sell on Amazon and do have some items in FBA. So I am speaking from experience.

The one nice thing is people are buying heavy right now for the holidays so if marked down to a dump price they should move

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Shipping cost on top also makes sale difficult.

You might want to go local with Kijiji and Craigslist to get a better buck out of it.

Good luck! :sweat_smile:

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Thank you , I will give it a shot

Sorry, I forgot change the sale price, now it is 69.

For what it’s worth I think these are great affordable cases for Chia, sadly I’m already cased out and shipping would be prohibitive for me anyway: Price: $69.00 + $206.18 shipping

In any event these seem like a really good deal for anyone who doesn’t have to pay exhorbitant shipping and needs a case, I hope you manage to find a home for them soon.

Thank you bro! I am able to make a self-fulfillment order from amazon’s FBA warehouse if you like to. That won’s charge you the shipping fee if you don’t have amazon free-shipping account. And I can accept crypto :slight_smile: