Parallel plotting - multiple issues, plots getting stuck & GUI crashes

Need to see if the community can help me out here - trying to trouble shoot my plotter.

Has been working ok for the last few weeks.
Had one pretty good stretch last week.

Starting this last weekend though the plots are getting out of order (seems like the ones that started first get paused @ a random percentage…usually before 50%)
The next plots start fine but there’s a bunch that get “abandoned” - doesn’t show any errors when I open the log so not sure what’s going on.

Running memcheck on the machine now & sabrent software says the plotting drives are healthy with seemingly good write/read times.

24 core - 48 thread GPU
Plenty of RAM (never even get close to maxing out - board is full) - 2666 factory but set BIOS to run @ 3600 - was working fine since I started plotting
2 4TB plotting NVMe M.2 Sabrent Rocket 4 drives

This is whats been working & I haven’t really changed it since I started plotting - have about 525 plots finished at the moment
1st drive - start parallel plots, 12 plots on this drive, 45 min delay, 7777mb RAM, 2 threads ,128 buckets
2nd drive - same as 1st

Usually the 1st plots finish before the 12th plots start so the threads are available when it begins & I just add 4-6 parallel plots at a time to each drive with same specs & 45 min delays when the last plots are at 8%

Has been working fine but this week GUI has crashed 3 times & the plots that start get stuck at random values like 36% or 42% or 21% - not even all in the same phase

Having a tough time figuring out what the issue is…

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Hello Nate!

I would really recommend looking into Swar or Ploto - they are programs that automate the management of your plotting. I have found this to be MUCH more reliable than using the GUI to plot. You have more control over when plots start can set a maximum to be in phase 1 at any point, control which temp and destination drives are used per queue - even set them to round robin if you have multiple.

It has made my plotting life much easier using one of these!

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So is this a common GUI problem to have then?
Trying to figure out if it’s software or me…

Not sure if it is common - just that the GUI is very bare bones and does not give you a lot of granular control over your plotting, which can lead to issues as various plots overlap without tight controls, possibly causing memory, space, or thread contention issues.

The tools I mentioned above give you a lot more visibility into what is going on with your plots at any given time, which helps reduce problems.

They both use the built-in chia command line tools to do the plotting - they just add a layer of automation and control on top of them.

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Does anyone have experience with this error & a resolution as to why it was happening?
Trying to troubleshoot the machine right now

Will most likely end up trying out SWAR but for now looking for ideas if there’s any out there -thanks!

I plotted 600 plots without problems. Then I overclocked memory and CPU.

Since then plots hang on a regular basis (in GUI, Harry plotto, SWAR). Also A LOT of plots were invalid.

Yesterday I changed back the mem OC and started 3 parallel in the GUI and that went without a glitch. Just checked this morning and all finished but more importantly there were no invalid plots.

Before out of 3 plots created 2 - 3 would be invalid so it looks like overclocking memory was causing my problems.

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Thank you - I was starting to suspect that might be the issue - will try setting RAM back to spec

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I have had pretty the same issue. I OC my ram. Found problem at random percentages. I turned my ram to normal speed, yet still have the problem. I do not know what to check any more. I would appreciate any help.