Pawket Offline Wallet

I didn’t see a thread about this wallet, but I saw they created the wallet from the beginning to be used as an Offline Wallet / Cold Wallet.

It’s the closest thing Chia has that is like a hardware wallet that you can actually use but should have the same security as the,

“create a wallet on a offline device, write down keys and than wipe it clean. And not be able to use the XCH in the wallet because of fear of compromising”

Now you can actually use the XCH in your cold wallet with Pawket,

They have recently updated how to use the offline wallet mode. Here is how to use it until they officially update their instructions on there website / blog,

  1. First, you need to have two devices, one offline and one online. Both need to install pawket first.

  2. In your offline pawket account, you can click scan - public key QR code, and then use your online device to scan the QR code, so that you online device will add a publickey account.



  1. Now your online device can read the balance of your offline account through the publickey account. Then you can use the online device to click send , and it will generate a QR code containing the information to be signed.

  2. At this time, you can use the offline device to scan this generated QR code and sign it. Then a signed QR code will be generated on your offline device, and you can scan the QR code with your online device to successfully send the transaction


I’ve given it a try,

I am impressed with what they have done and will keep an eye out for them to continue to polish up their wallet.