Payout Address in the pool

Just now I noted thet the Payout Address doesn’t correspond to my wallet address (Receive Address)
I just updated to the last version and I dont remember how was it before :crazy_face:

Let me know please it it is normal
thank you

Shouldn’t be a problem since your old addresses are still connected to your wallet.
But if you have any uncertainty if the payout address is correct, just update the payout address to your new receive address.

omg I didnt know that I can create different address of the wallet with the button “new Address”.
I think it is still connect couse in the history wallet all the transactions “to” is the same of the Payout Address, I show it in the image below.

How can I check that?

thank you

And theese addresses what they are?
They are also different from my Receive Address
Can you suggest me any god wiki where can I find all this information


if I give this comand “.\chia.exe keys show” in the list I have First wallet address: and it is the same of what I have in “Manage Your Farming Rewards Target Addresses”
It is correct?
First wallet address is changeble too? or it the originally address?

thank you

yes then it is fine

Original address

I’m going to try and summarize:

You have a single wallet that you can access by entering your private key (24 word phrase)’
Your wallet can have as many receive addresses as you want - just click the button "new address - but all those addresses will always end up in the same wallet.
The receive address you see on the wallet tab is the last address you generated. (but all the old ones are still working and going to the same wallet)

Then you have a few addresses listed as target/payout addresses

  • Farmer reward address
  • Pool reward address (only used with OG plots)
  • Pool payout address (only used with NFT plots)
    These three you can fill in any address you want, so you need to make sure you use a correct address that ends up in a wallet you control and have access to.
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this is First wallet address?

Not exactly.

A wallet is not an address, it is an endpoint that can have many receive addresses. The wallet is linked to your private keys

An address points to a wallet, the first address is just that, the first address generated for that wallet.

ok ok
But there is way to know the link between wallet and the private key?
and there is a way to know if the addres of a wallet is surely the mine?

thank you so much for your help