Payout over 0.02 spacepool

My last payout with spacepool was on 15/02/2022 and now the unpaid is over 0.02 as you can see in the image.
It is affect by Dust storm for many days.
What do you think?

thank yiu


Click on the (I) icon besides the small sandstorm icon, it will tell you what is the issue.
To answer your question, basically yes payouts are a bit delayed due to the sandstorm, this to avoid fees.

Minimum payout right now is 0.1 chia (~7.5$). So still a little way to go…
the dust storm might go over as well and then the amount will be payed out.

I am not a fan of the term “dust storm” by the way. I would just consider it as the network growing (which is a good sign) so that transaction fees start coming into play. I think it is a natural process as the network gets adapted.

Checkout discord announcements. Payment will be over 0.05 xch.

so now the minimum payout is 0.05?
They should put this information on web site…just my opinion

It is not permanent. Just during the dust storm.

right now the minimum payout amount is 0.1 You do find this on the website as stated in my screenshot above and with the dust storn icon * i icon on the first screenshort you posted.

Yeah, features like that need to be added to make it possible for transactions to go through without paying lots of fees.

We decided to help our users too, so until the website is updated, we pay the transaction fee at our own expense (instead of a farmer) and we also pay extra mojos to the farmers’ wallets :smirk:

So, yeah, the network is evolving, so as all pools with it