PC Keeps Restarting after a couple of plots (Madmax Plotter)

Current Specs
Ryzen 5 3600
GT730 for Display output
Aorus M B450
32 Gb of 3200 Mhz RAM(Forgot the brand name)
850w Corsair PSU (Forgot if it was rated)
2Tb Adata NVME
250gb Sata SSD Kingston
2pc 8Tb WD Purple
2pc 8Tb Skyhawk
2pc 8Tb Toshiba N300/S300(Forgot the Specific brand. will update this thread once I get to see the pc. currently just doing remote checks to it)
6 Port Sata PCIE Expansion Card

Before: I was running the NVME/Sata SSD and the 2pc WD Purple and no issues whatsoever with Madmax Plotter.

Current Situation: We installed the 6 port Sata PCIE Expansion card and got to install the remaining 4pcs of HDD. At first it keeps shutting down after I ran madmax plotter and the issue was my brother switched the monitor for a big 32" LCD TV. Switched it back to a regular 20" monitor and the issue is resolved for a couple of days then I left to go back to my work location. Earlier today got a message that says the unit restarted again. I’ve tried to do a test by lowering the thread count on the Madmax Plotter config but after an hour it restarted again.

I’m pretty sure that my current watt consumption is not hovering more than 300w so I’m kinda confused what makes my unit auto restart.

The room has AC so it has ample cooling im pretty sure about it.

Any input/advice from the community will definitely be appreciated :slight_smile:

What does your Madmax command look like?

here it is
.\chia_plot.exe -n 20 -t “F:” -2 “F:” -d “E:” -u 256 -r “10”

Why do you have quotes on the threads (-r)? I am assuming since you show the drives as F: and E: that you are on Windows. What does the event viewer say about the reboot? Was it “Unexpected” to the system or is Windows rebooting for a reason. Is there a crashdump?

You’re right, no need for the quotes.
Shouldn’t it be “F:” as well?

Meh, dumb forum removes the slash after the colon.

Yes it should be “F:forwardslash”.

I just followed a YouTube video on how to setup madmax and they have put the -r with “”.
As for the reboot will check with the event viewer/crashdump.

Apologies for the late reply as its around 11pm right now where I live.

I just followed the youtube video I found before on how to setup madmax plotter. They use " for drives and thread counts.

Hi again everyone thanks for the replies yesterday.
I check the Event Viewer and I see a couple of Event ID 41 and upon googling it it says it maybe a power supply issue. I have a 850w power supply and the whole setup that I have is not hovering 200w if the LocalCooling app is to believe.

Will update this thread once I can swap the power supply of the unit

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