Pending transaction

how long actually to send my xch to exchange … status keep pending even if I have rise the fee …

Take a look at the second column, third row. For about 30-40 mins, the fee is at 0.003. Not sure what your time zone is, though.

If you are not in rush, the best thing is to monitor that chart, as the current spike started around 3-4 hours ago and most likely will be gone shortly. If you can wait, fees should drop. (Change the timeline in the upper right corner to see those spikes.)


thanks for the help …

I delete unconfirmed transaction I rise as high as I can get … aboutu 0.01 Xch

see attach pictures , its been 1 hour … still in pending … did I make all the procedure right ?

Assuming that the program works as advertised, the fee should not be a guessing game, but rather following that chart exercise. If it says that the current is X, and you set it at X, the transaction should go almost right away.

Also, actually I never bothered to check whether what GUI says is a fee matches what that chart does. It looks like the GUI may not provided the correct info. It does not imply that the dashboard provided one is correct. But without one or another, it would be a hopeless game. (Please, read comment below by @Ronski about multi-coin transactions.)

With that said, several people had recently problems with that (me included). Maybe the latest version (v2.1.4) addressed that, so I would kill those transactions again (if didn’t go through) and update chia.

Also, what I noticed is that when I was using GUI (v2.1.3), there were assertions in the debug.log, and my feeling was that the app was in unstable state (had to restart it).

At least, when run from CLI, if there are any exceptions, you can see them right away (no need to shut down GUI to use CLI).

Since about Dec 15th or so, we have mempool attack, and that crap is forcing mempool to be full all the time. My take is that the attacker is sending transactions with 0.00001 or so fee (if I recall the zeros correctly, maybe one more zero there). I think that those effective fees vary, as people are getting pissed that transactions are not going through, and jumping those fees quite high. Buggy software is not helping, as a lot of folks get stuck.

So, my take is really to watch that chart, wait for low fees, specify 2x what is there, and if it doesn’t go within an hour or so, kill the current one and restart the process. Initially, I spent few days each time waiting a day before killing them. I have not upgrded to v2.1.4, as I have GH running.

Apparently its not as simple as that, it depends how many coins are in the transaction.

If it is pool payouts, and they are all tiny, say 0.1 XCH, then in that 7 XCH is 70 coins, so you would need to pay a higher fee than if it was just 7 coins.

That’s at least the way I understood what someone wrote somewhere the other day, it was most likely on here. It may even have been ChiaPizza.

Actually it was.

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You are right, I forgot about that part.

So we are back to coin-defrag problem. I did some work on the code that @BadgerStork posted long time ago (mentioned in that thread) but have not yet finalized the defrag part (have coin list and split working (split needed to have coins to play with defrag)).

I managed to solve the problem …

I change to other exchange … and after 30min -1 hours… it is complete . and arrived in my exchange .

I dont know if it is just luck or address for the exchange …

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thanks for the help,it is fixed