Permission denied when copying final plot

Could not copy "/chiasda/plot-k32-2021-06-03-21-59-dbfcc179d4681a9ed74ffbccd5b406675bbb9391894bf1c33e3e1e7899b6eedb.plot.2.tmp" to "/chiasdl/plot-k32-2021-06-03-21-59-dbfcc179d4681a9ed74ffbccd5b406675bbb9391894bf1c33e3e1e7899b6eedb.plot.2.tmp". Error Permission denied. Retrying in five minutes.

I don’t remember if I got the same error, but it was something similar.

Somehow an entire HD on my machine wasn’t initialized.

I have no idea if had anything to do with Chia, but I’m on Windows and had to go back into Disk Manager and initialize it.

All my plots were still there, but I moved them over to another machine in case it was a failing drive.

I didn’t even think to go and look if the drive was still showing up in This PC but that was my problem.

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