Petition to Introduce a Reward/Penalty System

In that case, the regular people should stay away! This was never for us. Isn’t it?
So how is Chia Network supposed to be decentralized then? If only data centers are supposed to benefit from the system?

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My friend, your first message told me everything I had to know about you. I really do not care about your opinion after how you spoke to me… Have a pleasant evening!

Agreed. It sounds like you’re giving your honest opinion, and I appreciate that.

However, the fact still remains that your proposals are easy to get around by creating multiple private keys. See Sybil Attacks for more info.

That said, if you still want to proceed with your ideas, I see two options:

A. Set up an actual petition, with signatures, and deliver it to the Chia team. If they accept your proposals, they’ll have to do a hard fork.

B. Build a community separate from Chia to do your own hard fork.

In my opinion, B would be difficult, but orders of magnitude easier than A.


I am not sure how data center = centralization.
Each data center would be a different user providing enough decentralization for the network.


I am no expert. I am not saying that my ideas as bulletproof. There are expert out there that can solve these issues if they wanted to. There are ways I am sure and if there aren’t well then… sorry for wasting your time tonight!

Like I said, I am a simple concerned Chia farmer. No more special than you or anyone else for that matter. I don’t have the solution, I just honestly believe things are not going to plan right now.

As for the two options, I would prefer option A if possible but if it’s not, I wouldn’t mind creating our own community where we can live that dream that was sold to us. Chia for all :slight_smile:


Just like Amazon? completely decentralized :))

Who sold you the dream of “chia for all”? Certainly not the Chia dev team. Maybe the calculator guy? Seriously, where did you get this idea of XCH raining from the heavens for all the “little guys”? I’m genuinely curious.

Do you remember the days when they were saying how productive 10TB would be??? It wasn’t that long ago. Now with 10TB it will take more than a year to win once! Realistically… never.

This kind of growth was unexpected and obviously the difficulty was unexpected. I am surprised you ask me such things.

AWS or Alphabet could do a 51% attack whenever they wanted and having 10 or 500k independent nodes would not matter because netspace, not node count, is what keeps the network decentralized. To do a 51% attack you need netspace and a fast timelord. Number of nodes has nothing to do with it.

Edit to add
Also if AWS or Alphabet wanted to take over the network they would just fork the coin as everything is open source and put their brand behind it and Chia is instantly dead anyway. Using them as a risk factor is not realistic in my opinion.

Who is “they”? Who was guaranteeing XCH rewards per TB would stay the same?

Right now Chia coin is on decent. Why do you think that is? The first hype is over, yes but it is more than that… disappointment for many.
I am not the first person to notice or to say something about it. At least I am coming here with suggestions, things I believe in. Because I want to be part of this Network.

Bram Cohen said: “As always it’s worth repeating that pooling doesn’t increase average (mean) rewards. What it does do is make rewards more reliable. A profitable operation will be more consistently profitable. An unprofitable one will be more consistently unprofitable.”

This is the wrong mentality from my point of view. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This is where we are? Is this what Chia Network is supposed to be? I don’t want to be part of it then… simple as that.

This wasn’t Satoshi’s vision. Bram is always comparing himself to him and Chia to Bitcoin but he is nowhere near. Again, my opinion. :))

I don’t think I’m powerless, I just think it’s a stupid idea.

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I quote: " The Chia network, which focuses on an energy-efficient blockchain, launched its new digital currency, Chia (XCH). It aims to make mining accessible to everyone and significantly less damaging to the environment.

"Accessible to Everyone" they said it not me. One of the many lies…

Thanks for your input! Have a great evening :slight_smile:

Chia netspace continues to grow. Hardly in decent. XCH/USD is highly volitile, just like every other coin.

People with more resources are able to accomplish more work and reap more reward. This is almost universally true in all aspects of life. Why should Chia be any different?

So who from the dev team made you these promises you speak of? You still haven’t made that clear?

It is accessible to everyone. How has this promise been broken?

Seriously? I said before, with 10TB of plots, today you’re expected time to win is 1year but in reality it is never. You could say… BUT wait! pools… yeah, well the article didn’t mention anything about the pools plus whatever you earn from pools are not really your wins, are they? In reality, there will be pools that will have 0 daily earnings… you will see :slight_smile:

Technically true, but if that’s the case, you can always just join a bigger pool.

Developers? I am not talking about developers they are the tech guys… I am talking about Chia Network, the investors and the entire Network. Just look on the official Chia Twitter account and you will see all the lies. OK?

A bigger pool… smaller rewards. Again not ideal… they have to do better!