Plans for summer

My farm is currently working to keep my house warm in the winter.
What are your plans for the summer?
Will you shutdown or continue expanding?

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Get the hot air out somehow :smiley:

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How big is your farm to make you worry about heat? I have -350TB of HDDs which use ~120W (at the wall) and that does not produce that much heat.

400TB is about 300W for me but plotting sucks another 300W

My Farm eats around 3kw. Thats some heat to be taken out.

But I bet in Summer, if you are Mining in the Flat and have 300 W you might also feel that…

That’s really low power usage, how do you manage to get that?
I mean that’s like 6W per 18TB disk, not counting any other hardware.

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I have my farm in a finished part of my basement and last summer was brutal. Even with an air conditioning vent open there, my temps were hitting low to mid 80’s F (normally my basement was high 60’s in the summer before Chia). So I did some research to come up with a way to cool everything and ended up building a ventilation system. While cold air is best, moving the air around helps significantly also. I used 2x AC Infinity cloudline fans (one pulling air in, one pulling air out) and it seems to have dropped the temps 5 to 10 degrees. They are amazing fans if anyone is interested in building a system for themselves. Here is a link to the ones I bought:

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shhhh. Dont need to tell my business secrets :smiley:

I have it one step further… Hint:

That beeing said, 90°F equals 32°c. Nothing I’d be worried about. The outside temp can be even hotter here. What counts is that the hardware does not get too hot. For a human, that can become quite sweaty :smiley:

What companies do with 18°c (64.5°F) in their Data centers seems quite unreasonable to me.

I got an exhaust fan and hooked it up to a thermostat that automatically turns on at certain temperature.
The duct goes by out the window through a plexiglass panel with a custom-cut round hole.
For intake, I cut a hole in the garage door and placed an intake grid.

Hot air goes up by natural convection, and the intake is attached to the ceiling.

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Many USB drives in their original enclosure (ex: WD Element/Easystore and Seagate Expansion, etc) or just large 3.5" HDDs using a SATA to USB adapter (that supports SMART pass-through) all sitting in a 3 level spice rack (literally) while being controlled via an old Surface Book. Plus it helps that I have all these drives setup with a custom power setup via an AC to 12V DC power supply :wink: I only have few remote drives which are sitting in my custom rack mount TrueNAS server that I’m also using for plot storage so adding the ~20W for these if I had them directly attached as the “spice rack” shows ~100W at the wall. I was going for minimalistic and quiet setup. I’m thinking of replacing the Surface Book with my old AMD FX PC so that may slightly increase the power usage as the batteries on that old laptop have swollen so it’s time to replace it.

I am out for the summer and my 12 xch can’t even buy one 20tb drive.

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I’m out. I’m right at the break even point of Chia Price versus energy consumption. Don’t need to add additional AC expenses on top of it.

I expect XCH to crash below $20 before the end of the month and likely $10 over the summer, so there’s no sense in delaying the inevitable.