Please, Chia, be available on a NYC-approved exchange

It’s the only way to credibility.


laugh out loud


The US in general better figure this out. We’re not the world, and coins will continue with or without the US, but the sloppy regs and enforcement have been a disservice to anyone legit (crapcoins and scams are lumped together with legitimate projects in the minds of some groups - I like to think we are the latter).


You’d think so, but guess not. Rather US likes to talk in doublespeak…about their own plans…like this …

" Is FedNow replacing cash? Is it a central bank digital currency? No. FedNow is not related to a digital currency."

"The FedNow Service is an instant payments service provided by the Federal Reserve, launching in July 2023. FedNow will be available to depository institutions, such as banks and credit unions, in the United States and will enable individuals and businesses to send instant payments through their depository institution accounts. Instant payments allow individuals and businesses to send and receive payments within seconds at any time of the day, on any day of the year, so that the receiver of a payment can use the funds almost instantly. "

Seriously? If it looks like a crypto and works like a crypto… what is it? Gov controlled psuedo crypto :shushing_face:

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Makes sense, probably easier just to shovel all coins in the “no” category, stall for years, or use other tactics if you have a competing product launching; I see why people get annoyed with government and politicians.

Anti-government nutcases like you are what keeps crypto on the fringes. You have zero awareness of economic history, nor why humanity had to regulate currency in the first place.

Go away.

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easy does it buddy…no need to shout

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Sorry there Orb, I wasn’t around in 1929, perhaps you can educate us, because I haven’t a clue what you’re trying to get across re: this topic. I’m sure you do, but maybe try being a bit more cordial.

I’m thinking u been having a bad day? You sound upset.

Perhaps I’ve been a little out of line with my rhetoric, apologies. I can be a real hothead at times.

But please, tell me you had your tongue in your cheek when you said “I wasn’t around in 1929.” (No, I’m not asking that you be 95 years old…that’s my bag.)

My faith in the human endeavor is already too thin, to think that the current generation is aggressively ignoring history, it’s just, painful.

Respectfully, yours in Chia,


Maybe vote in a pro-crypto government. Chia didn’t elect this psycho anti-money anti-privacy anti-business pro-crime government, you did.

I’m more or less pro-crypto, and will be much more so one it’s properly regulated.

Canadian and American politicians use “regulations” to kill industries. It’s the politically correct term to say you are doing it for “protection”. Damn now that I am saying politicians do things then say it’s to “protect/defend” I can think of another Putician who said that.

Most crypto disasters didn’t happen because of lack of regulation, they happened because the owners were bad and the customers didn’t do their due-diligence. Look at how many banks have just failed despite incredibly tight regulations. The whole point of crypto is that if FTX happened the txs would be on chain.


I think that you got it mixed up really badly.

The 2009 banking collapse was due to reversal of Glass-Steagall act. The current wave of those smaller banks (e.g., Silicon Valley, …) going down is due to partial repeal of Dodd-Frank act (that repeal was supported / driven by Frank, the co-author of the act, once he was paid to happily do so).

“Putician” Good stuff.

Seriously, I’m gonna borrow that. I have nothing but vile hatred for Putin.

Banks fail because regulation is voided or ignored. It’s not rocket science. People are inherently greedy and evil, and without laws, we descend into chaos. FTX made up it’s own money to cover their loans. I mean, not legal to the extreme.

You do not seem to know how many banks do not fail because of the restrictions that are in place regarding the amount of risk they are allowed to take.

I was hired by Wall Street to help clean up the mess left after 2007. Spent 12 years at that rating agency, and saw first-hand how residential- and commercial-backed securities were packaged and sold to a) an ignorant public, and b) investors who knew better but liked the returns.

Crypto is no better than Wall Street.

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To me, this is really blaming the victims. Not everyone went through the same education / work experience process as you did. The whole thing was invented by crooks that are looking to deflect the blame from their wrong-doing.

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No arguments here. The whole business-school attitude of “get more than the next guy” is morally corrupt and will eventually kill all of us if not properly regulated.

Thus my concern.

I completely agree. The rule “not your keys not your crypto” should be on the cover of any crypto bible.
The fact is, most exchanges have multiple people handling keys such that no specific person can be targeted should the money go missing. It is crazy to leave your funds in an exchange which is why onchain defi and investment exists. Of course then you need audits and testing of those platforms.

The 2009 banking collapse was due to reversal of Glass-Steagall act. The current wave of those smaller banks (e.g., Silicon Valley, …) going down is due to partial repeal of Dodd-Frank act (that repeal was supported / driven by Frank, the co-author of the act, once he was paid to happily do so).

My point was to state that the regulations being forced onto the industry will not make crypto “safe”. Perhaps they will reduce risk somewhat, but the fact is it only takes 1 person in any company to ruin everything. Saying that New York or others are protecting customers when in fact they are just pushing companies to move to riskier/less regulated jurisdictions is crazy. The SEC/various levels of the US government have made their anti-crypto stance known, they change their policy every week and each person involved says something then says something contradictory. How can any company operate in that? Not to mention the latest bills pushed by the President that require every mining pool to KYC customers or for a 30% tax ontop.

If we were American our customer data would already be in the hands of the US government, privacy be damned.


Every single packet crossing US borders is captured and decrypted, so what is your point exactly?

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