Please Help about the config

Hello! I want to ask for help I have a pc now with an i 5 8400t, 8gb ram, two WD Elements Desktop 14Tb and a toshiba hdd 3tb plus a WD 4tb enterpries class. Now I would buy 2 more plain ssdt 1tb parts or 2 nvme 1tb. so a total of 2x14tb hdd. 1x3tb hdd, 1x4tb hdd, 2x1tb ssd or nvme.

My question would be, do you think this minig could be meaningfully mined?

I think the ramams should be upgraded to 64gb.

Thanks for the help sorry but I don’t fully see through the matter yet.

Yes, upgrade your RAM. Nvme is better.

Have you read the Chia Github Wiki? A lot will get answered there.

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Cpu: 6
Ram: if i upgrade to 16gb ~4,7 if upgrade to 32gb ~9,4
TEmp space: total: 32tb / 256gb = 134 2x14tb 1x3tb 1x4 tb simple hdd.

You can plot and farm with this. The processor is a bit slow so the plotting will take a long time. Maybe more than 10 hours per plot. I would not upgrade ram to 64gb, the CPU wouldn’t be able to use it all.

why CPU is limited by (core+thread)/2
I thought that it’s thread only.

How would you build this up? Could I do farming and ploting with this build at the same time? sorry for these stupid questions but i’d like to know how things working. And about the RAM, why wouldn’t it be able to use all of the 64gb RAM, because of the threads are too low? What do you think, should I buy more NVMe or simple SSD for the M2 slots 1TB or is it okay with this configuration?

Blue. U mentioned cpu : cores + threads / 2

In this case 1 core = 2 threads = 1 plot.

For my case im i710700f 8 cores 16 threads

So its 8+16 / 2 = 12 ? I can do up to 12 plots at once? Please advise.

Im i710700F 8 cores 16 threads 64gb ddr4 3200ram but motherboard capped at 2933 speed. 2x 2TB M.2 Nvme ssd. 512 sata ssd (OS) with 8x 16 TB externals Hdd. Currently only plug in 2 Hdd.

Just wanna clarify on the cpu part. I could do 12?