Please help! It's been 2 days and I don't see any answers

I have little experience and therefore I registered 3 wallets on my computer. Can I delete 2 wallets? Will it be possible to synchronize ready-made sites from two remote wallets with the remaining wallet? And how to do it right. This happened due to the frequent shutdown of the computer and replacement of system drives. The system is now working stably. And one more question. After complete synchronization (more than two days), partitions are created on one disk, but they are not added to the general list of partitions. The add icon appears, but the package does not. The number of plots is not growing. Although I have already added 16 plots.

You have to separate a few things here.

Wallets are no problem to delete as long as they are empty. But when you create a new wallet, you also create a new private/public key set that is also used when creating plots.

When you create plots and do not manually add the pool/farmer key, it uses whatever key is set as default at that moment.

If you have plots created with key set A, you can only farm it on a node that contains the private key of A.

So it is possible that your plots are not showing up because they contain a different key set than the one your Node is using. It should be possible to farm with multiple keys at once, but I have no experience with it.

I don’t understand what you mean here. Are you talking about disk partitions, or the directories where the plots are located in the GUI?
*You can also add the directories manually to the config.yaml file


I’ve seen there are 2 threads from you targeting the same issue. Do you mind closing the other one?
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I’m really having trouble understanding what the issue/question is. Can you tell me how you “registered” 2 wallets? And also, what you refer to when you talk about “ready-made sites”. And what you mean by “sections are created on disk but not added on general list of sections?” I cannot relate those terms to anything chia-like. Are you even farming chia?

Кошельки были созданы по ошибке. Перестал работать диск с windows и пришлось ставить другой диск. А кошелёк не сохранил. Поэтому создал новый кошелёк. И так два раза, пока не понял что вышел из строя блок питания компьютера.
The wallets were created by mistake. The disk with windows stopped working and had to put another disk. But he did not save the wallet. Therefore, I created a new wallet. And so twice, until I realized that the computer’s power supply was out of order.

Когда создаю новые плоты, их видно на диске. Добавляю их при помощи директории программы, но они не учитываются. Возможно я работаю на другом ключе и поэтому плоты не учитываются.