Please help me understand the new things with chia

Can someone please help me understand the new things with chia:

  1. Plots 2.0 (compressed plots)
  2. Gigafarmer-thingy

Currently I am farming using flexfarmer (nft plots I guess?). The farming machine does not have the greatest specs, it’s an old supermicro server.

When I created my plots some years ago I was plotting using madmax (cpu and ram back then) on a high-end server.

How will the “new things” affect my current setup?

Do I need to replot?

Good afternoon. I’m a noob, so take what I say with a pinch of salt :wink:.
The best thing to do is watch a few guides on Youtube. There are already lots available.
As I understand it, you can just stay as you are now with your current setup. However, if you do, you will be losing out on somewhere between 15-35% more earnings / plotting space if you don’t go with compressed plots.