Please help me with my lost reward

I just farmed a block as discord tells me and see what it says.
I did not get the reward even if in my Manage Farming Rewards tab both my farmer reward address and pool reward address are exactly the same as it was mentiond in discord message.
What should I do? Please help.

few questions:

  1. Are you farming solo or with pool?
  2. Have you ever installed core-pool software (or other OG pool)?
  3. Have you ever had more than one private key / seed phrase?

If you search the address you see there on XCHscan/explorer what do you see?

Farming solo and never been on any pool.
I should mention that I created another private key last night which I did not let it finish syncing but it had the same r cieving address in both farmer and pool reward section in Manage Farming Rewards tab.
I deleted that new private key.

It doesn’t show what discord told me I found.

Ok so that screenshot, that is not your wallet, or is it?
So the address in the discord message is not your address then

Firstly to prevent whatever happend form happening again.
Go to the wallet tab, copy the receive address there and use it to update your farmer and pool reward address. The you are sure that your addresses match your private key.

You need to know the blockheight of the winning block, then you can see where it went.

It’s hard to say without the discord message and the blockchain info. I mean your GUI should also report on the farm tab that chia has been farmed.

It might also be a wrong report from that discord bot? I mean how can you be sure at this point that your really won a block

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The screenshot is my wallet address so as the discord message wallet address.
That address also is the same in my Manage Farming Rewards tab in GUI.
I’m confused. Isn’t that anything with the second private key that I made and didn’t let it’s wallet to sync? What if I let that new key’s wallet to sync and then see what happens? Or what? I’m out of options and really desprate. I don’t know how to make sure if the discord message was wrong which I don’t think so.

So you have received 3 times before a 0.25 farmer reward, but never a 1.75 pool reward?
I see 3* 0.25 xch in that wallet.

Sure did. I gor 3*1.75 in same wallet.

Ok now I’m confused :sweat_smile:

So you are solo farming and happily getting your rewards…and then suddenly a new reward doesn’t show up even though your reward addresses are still the same…weird.

Are you sure you actually won a reward? I mean getting a message on discord is one thing but it’s nothing official. Still need to find out the block that supposedly won and then check out the rewards there

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I think you are absoloutly right. I just recieved 2 of those messages from discord one last night and the other this morning telling me that discord found a block. But no message telling me that the wallet addresses have any problems.
I don’t see any xch in my GUI either.
Seems Discord is not reliable.
Thank you so very much for your time and concern. :pray: