PLEASE HELP plot settings

CPU: AMD 5950X
Mainboard: Gigabyte Aorus B550
RAM: 128GB
SSD: 2x Intel 2TB U.2 SSD
2x Seagate M.2 SSD
HDD: 1x Seagate 12 TB
3x Seagate 18TB SATA
3x Seagate 18TB SAS

How many plots can i do at once and how would you guys do it? Interval of 15 Minutes wich SSD to wich?

Where is the bottleneck atm?

Can you send me a plotting strategy you would use?

Thanks in advance!

There’s not a lot that can be said. The general advise seems to be: start small, record your timings and adapt.

Start slow with one plot, record timing, then try 2 in parallel, record timings, figure out where your bottle necks are. That’s how I started, it’s a lot of hands-on trying out for the first few days! As I said in another thread, don’t try to go too fast at first: GUI stop working in plotting - #3 by cultiv

You only have 2 plotting disks, so start with 2 plots (4 threads each), record timings, then do 2 in parallel (4 threads each), record timings, then 3 in parallel (4 threads each), record timings, then 4 in parallel (4 threads each), record timings, then your CPU might run out of cores, so then you might need to start staggering them.


I just thought maybe somebody with literally the same rig can tell me how hes doing it

But thanks for your answer

@cultiv you have the very best advice on this and an excellent bedside manner :wink:

We should have a FAQ on this… “How do I start I don’t even know what to do”… it feels like people jump in and immediately start 50 parallel plots because… people… when they should just do ONE plot, time it, and test… sigh.

Dip your toe in the water before diving in, people!! :swimming_woman:


I mean people plotting now for weeks… there should be atleast some sort of roadmap?

I would guess 8 parallel with your config due to 32 threads processing power.
as you have 4x SSD this should go smoothly.

then would check if doing more with 2 threads instead of 4 can give you something or not.