Please try it when the power goes down in Windows!

Hello everyone.
I had a very unlucky accident today.
I moved the PC case to attach the fan to the harvester.
At that time, the power of the PC was turned off because the CPU cooler was not installed correctly.

After rebooting, of course, like the other forks, the CHIA GUI didn’t start.
I couldn’t give up restarting, so I compared it with the .chia folder on my PC that I was using for plotting.

Harvester PC(Broken)
mainnet - db - blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite
| - blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite-shm (1)
| - blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite-wal (2)
| - peer_table_node.sqlite
| - peer_table_node.sqlite-shm (3)
| - peer_table_node.sqlite-wal (4)
- wallet - db - blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_.sqlite
- blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_XXXX.sqlite-shm (5)
- wblockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_XXXX.sqlite-wal(6)
- wallet_peers.sqlite

Plot PC(Not broken)
mainnet - db - blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite
| - peer_table_node.sqlite
- wallet - db - blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_XXXX.sqlite
- wallet_peers.sqlite

When I deleted the files (1) to (6) (with “shm” and “wal”) and restarted, Chia and all 6 other forks were synchronized in about an hour.
I don’t have the courage to recreate it, so if you’re an unlucky Windows user who has followed the same fate, give it a try.
thank you.

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