Plot check crashes with malloc(): invalid size (unsorted)

I got this error for one of my plots (and it won’t continue as it crashes there:

malloc(): invalid size (unsorted) 
Aborted (core dumped)

Is this bad plot or bug in plot checker?

Wow, I’ve never seen this output from plot check and I have checked a lot of plots! That plot must be very bad indeed. I’d delete it.

Your system went out of ram in the middle of the plotting process. Check if you allocated a lot of memory for each parallel plot. Don’t go higher than 3990 if you are doing multiple plots, also put a 30 minute wait between launching new plots

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Oh, I thought this was about plot check. Was this during plotting, during plot creation @vladaepro ?

oh yeah, he said plot check, lol. I misread that part. Maybe he is plotting hard while running plot check? malloc errors are usually caused by the same situation i described but i might be wrong.
If on linux, check with free -h or using htopor similar tools to check your available ram

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It was while checking, not plotting, and stuck at the same (old) plot every time. All other plots passed fine (after i finally deleted that one). It was probably corrupted one :slight_smile:

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