Plot Detected As "Not Found Plots" After Plotting Finished

Why My Plots Is Always Detected As “Not Found Plots” After Plotting Finished ?, What’s the problem ?

Answer My Question Please…

go to users"usename".chia\mainnet\db. copy everything in that folder and save it on your desktop. then close chia program and stop all services in task manager that relates to chia. then uninstall chia from control panel, after that delete the .chia folder mentioned above, finally clean your registry (you can use ccleaner free version or default windows programs) restart pc, install latest chia version and log in to your wallet using your 24 word key and add your plot directories, right after that close chia and don’t let it sync. again go to users"usename".chia\mainnet\db and paste everything you copied from that folder before deleting it and everything will be just fine. this buys alot of time cuz syncing from zero will take about one day now.

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