Plot file move to other directory?

i have completed. 4 plot files… as in compiled .plot files. not temporary,… but in different drive ( 2 plot files in drive E other 2 is in drive D )… and now im farming … but, i like to move it to other. drive… all plot files in just one drive. is this possible??

will farming still work? do i have to do some reconfiguration in my config.yaml files??


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Yes, you can move them completely to another pc location/hdd where you will have to install again the gui, sync it and use the same private keys from previous pc/location.

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Yes. Install the drive with your plots to be moved into your host computer. Either send or copy/ paste the plot files onto the host computer drive. Make sure, if this is the first time, that you add the new drive directory. This is done by going to PLOTS and adding the drive from the drop down box at top right. You will see the transferred plots on the drive. You will have to restart Chia (sync will happen fast) so that you don’t get an “invalid plot” message. Good luck.