Plot for Me - fully automated cloud plotting - get a k32 plot for $4!

Hello everyone!

We have just launched our brand new Chia plotting service: Plot for Me. We understand that trust and a good reputation is paramount, so as a launch promo we’re offering a $1 plot to the first ten people to make orders. Minimum order is 1, so that means you can get a full k32 plot for just $1. No coupon needed, you’ll see the discount on the order page.

Some features of our service:

  • No account registration required
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure to support almost unlimited parallel plotting per order
  • Payments securely handled through Stripe (we never see your card details)
  • Plots hosted for 7 days and delivered via CDN for fast downloads

We hope you like the service and please feel free to reach out to or leave a comment here if you have any questions!

That must of gone quickly haha

Promo is still active! Once you start your order the discount will be automatically applied. If it looks like this, then you can still get your $1 plot :slight_smile:


hey! that’s not true for me :upside_down_face:

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If you lower the number of plots to 1 then you’ll see the $1 price. We’re only offering a single plot for $1, if you order 100 then the other 99 will be $6 per plot. Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

I read that OP very differently then :smiley:

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oops… i was about to order you 500 plots :laughing:

$1 per plot implies larger quantity is available, good luck though

I’ve changed the topic title to hopefully make that clearer :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi everyone,

Quick update - the $1 plots have now all been used. Looking at how much it cost us to make each of those plots, we’ve now updated our pricing and I’m happy to say it has been lowered to $4 per plot, which I believe makes us one of the lowest priced cloud plotters around.


We have now sold many hundreds of plots and a few repeat buyers are trusting us with multiple orders! All were delivered within 8 hours on average, even the orders for 100 plots.

If you’re looking to purchase plots then please check us out :slight_smile: