Plot from solo to pool

I have a doubt
If I make a plot to farm it solo Can I use it later in a pool?

thank you

Yes, just create a nft and plot to that, you can then easily swap between solo and pool farming.

What is “nft”?
I have seen that acronym mentioned in many posts. But I do neither know what it stands for, nor its function.

Would you please fill me in or if you know of a link that is helpful that you can provide?

Thank you.

Not trying to be funny, but can’t you Google it and do some research?

Edit, sorry for being short, just woke up, but thats how I learn stuff :wink:

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I searched via wikipedia, and got nothing relevant. I should have did a web search, too.


What a wonderful tool Google search is! :wink:

Also, as posted on the front plate:

“Did you search for relevant keywords before posting? If you’ve done all that and you are still stuck, ask away!”

Not to be a mean troll seymour.krelborn but the point is to avoid answering the same questions over again in different threads … especially if they are very basic questions.

Be well! :smiley:


Thank you for your answers.
I used mad max to make my plot to use them for space pool, so now I wuold like move some of them to farm solo. But I dont understand how to do that pratically
To be honest I want to do that just to try that

Well I am just figuring this out myself. There’s 2 types of plots, OG and portable/NFT. It’s not clear from docs but the switches you use to plot them using CLI affects which types of plots you create. (ie. -c or -p in madmax) Also, people make it appear you can switch plots b/w OG and NFT easily after you’ve created OG plots but that’s not the case for me. Check out Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools and you’ll see some of them have OG plot support but most don’t. So really do read up a bit first on if you are plotting solo (OG) or joining a pool. Also, figuring out which plotting strategy and hardware takes time and trial and error. I’m just doing this on the side so it’s taking me a bit longer so don’t know much yet. So feel free to correct me if I mentioned anything wrong.

No this is nvr the case.
OG plot were the original plots, they can never become nft plots.
OG plots can be pooled, but there’s cheating in some of the pools.
Nft plots are created by creating a nft, and using code from the nft in the plot creation as you’ve mentioned
A nft then has control over all plots made to it, and can be easily swapped between self pooling ( solo ) or joint pooling. This us done via the nft tab in the gui or the cli.

Read step 5, well maybe read it all, but step 5 is what you need .

After you leave a pool, be sure to check your payout address is one you own, and not still the pools, or you’ll be going solo for no good reason, to many ppl have lost out on block rewards like that, and some pools don’t make it clear you should do that.

Stopped doing OG plots as soon as I realized there were NFT plots. Now figuring out how to pool them (sweetchia seems better than foxypool) because I don’t have a lot of OG plots for farming solo to make sense.

I’ve nvr pooled so can offer no thought there.
Hope you find a good one.

I read those but the distinction was lost when i started experimenting with plotman and madmax because the standard Chia software was slow for me and I only cared about plotting speed. I just created OG plots. Anyway, that’s my bad but I’m glad I realized this sooner than later. (25 OG plots only)

I’ve over 200tb of og, don’t stress it .

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i read the wiki but I stll dont understand how to move a single plot from spacepool “example” to solo :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: