【Plot in parallel】how many threads should I set?

Im thinking of plotting 10 at the same time. And If I wanna give each plot 4 threads. Should I set “the number of threads” 4 or 40?

Also, should I set Ram “3390” or “33900”?

Thank you for your help!!

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4threads and 3390 for 1 plot

Any info about CPU and RAM and how many ssd u have for temp file ?

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I have 256GB memory and 64c/128t CPU.

Did I put it correctly? Or should I change the number of threads from 40 to 4 and memory from 33900 to 3390?

Lewis do you even read Chia Wiki ? : Home · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub , if not do this. You can find ther a lot usful info

As someone say at this forum start slowlly, look at your time for 1 plot, and after that set 2 in pararell …

I should change threats to 4 and 3390 for 1 plot, and set delay time.

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I tried but it was a bit hard to understand the computing language.

Thank you Jesion. I will just set 10 times with 1 plot each.

There are diminishing returns when you do more than 4 threads. The threading only applies to the first phase of plotting.


If I’m not mistaken, you’re trying to do 10 plots in parallel, but you’re giving each plot 33.9GB of RAM and 40 threads… Each?


I was just being stupid…

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