Plot Manager - Plot "Stuck at 100%"

Hey there guys and gals, I’ll make this easy “I’m not a programmer” but from getting into Chia I’d say I’m well on my way lol Anywho, while running the Chia Plot Manager I noticed that I have a Plot at 100% in phase 3 that seems stuck, been like that now for about 24 hours so I’d assume either something is wrong with the plot or the manager for some reason is stuck. Is there a way to get it going again or should I look into deleting it somehow?

First, check your log and find what the error is or where you are stuck.

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Ok I see where the problem happened “Rooky Mistake” I seen that the drive was getting full and thought I purged the right files to give it more room as it was writing 0 bites, turned out I deleted the file it is trying to bring up. So the question is, is it retrievable or is there a way to clear it?

I don’t think so … I spent 4 days at one point deleting and re-starting plots as I was tuning in. They are pretty much un-restartable/fixable once interrupted.

If you actually completed the .temp file(s) and they are just waiting for transfer to become .plots then they can be saved. Otherwise your are screwed.

If you do need to re-start the plot, you will need to shut down Chia and then all Chia processes, delete all files on your main plotting drive, then re-start Chia and start the plot again.