Plot settings help

Hello there
I want to try my luck in chia farming. Can you help me create a plot?
i9-10900 2.8ghz processor
asus tuf z590 motherboard
64gb ram
1tbx2 and 2tb ssd
I have a computer.I use swar to create plots, how many parallel plots do you think I can create per day and what should my settings be?
Thank you in advance. Sorry for the English.

See How Many Plots Can I Make a Day? ā€“ The Chia Farmer

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Iā€™m not an expert. And Iā€™m new here. But here a setting you might want to start with

4 plots to each 1tb NVMe, of which 2 in phase 1
8 plots to the 2tb NVMe, of which 4 in phase 1
6gb ram and 2 threads to each plot and 60min stagger

You will have to monitor and adjust

Hope it helps

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thank you I will try and share