Plot speed vs Storage space

What’s up guys? Been reading through these forums for the past month or so while continually trying to improve my Chia position…I’ve invested about a grand or so in hardware so far, upgrading where I can and tweaking little things here and there and now I’m at a point where I’m very satisfied with my plot speed but wondering how the f$&@ I’m going to keep up with the net space growth as far as storage goes. I will fill all of my available disk space within the next week and I’m wondering if I should even bother expanding storage space after that. I will have about 30 or so GB Of Plots After maxing out all available SATA connections and space for extra drives on my mobo…
I’m hesitant to invest in more advanced storage systems like a NAS because I’ve been hearing of issues answering block challenges in time. Not really sure what direction to go, should I just let it ride? Should I keep investing? No idea

I have about 50TB, filling the last bits these couple of days. Weeding out a bit along the way.
I limit myself here. The Net space has the entire world on it and “one man” chasing it will never ever catch up, or even does not make sense “one man” running after a “global power race”.

Where you feel the most comfortable (ie; connections, response speed, ROI, heat, electricity, within the capacity of replotting or not, whether it’s taking too much of yourself for very little return, etc…) is where you should stay.

The chia journey is “The further you travel, the longer it gets!!!”


I am kind of coasting while I wait for official pooling. I have 500 plots right now and am plotting another 75 over the next couple of days. The only investments I have made is grabbing any super cheap (sub $15/TB) drives that I see turn up which has netted about 24TB over the last couple of weeks. I don’t really plan to put more money into storage…but it is really hard not to pull the trigger when I see somebody selling an 8TB drive for $100!


That’s good advice.

I feel good about what I’ve accomplished so far, even though it is very modest compared to some.

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Exactly the same boat as you, im a GPU miner and so I am used to seeing money drop into my account weekly… this CHIA thing is started not to make sense to me. Because the moment you stop adding storage your possible share of XCH decreases every day…
My question: When does it ever end? we cant all just keep buying $$$ of HDD’s forever… I thought to myself at the begining I will invest +/- $5K to $10k in this and see where it go’s. I have 3 super fast plotters and 2 harvesters each with 24 USB ports, I now have a few thousand plots and so far no XCH and I have around 15TB left to fill which will happen in a few days… so then what?

I have all my external HDD’s connected to my plotter via USB3.0 and they all work just fine…

I have a second harvester with 24 free USB3.0 slots but I am already starting to think this is a fools erand, I really dont want to be buying more HDD’s I can buy 1 3080 card here in Europe for around $1500 and it’ll give me $6-$7 a day… from day one. I’m at a cross roads with my Chia investment right now… thinking about selling the plots I have and the hardware and putting it towards a Bitmain S19 Pro… at least I know I’ll be getting around $1000 a month with that… right now I feel like I am pi$$ing in the wind with Chia… literally 0 to show for months of work and investment.


Is the official pool something different from hpool? a few of my friends who have a couple of thousand plots have joined hpool and I havent decided yet, im still blindly farming myself to no avail, meanwhile they are pulling $30 a day which is better than nothing… I looked at that hpool and for some reason it just didnt look legit. :-/

Thats the nature of chia. It was never intented to buy stuff to farm it. It was intented to leverage spare ressource (HDDs) and plot to those. It would have been very profitable if you’d have invested those 10k while chia was on testnet, and you’d plotted there. Imagine farming mainnet at 100 PB with your few thousand plots (check chiacalc and set Netspace to those 100 PB). But that train left. Mostly without anyone of us onboard. You simply can’t keep up with netspace by adding disk by disk. Above all, it does not make sense either to procure new hardware for a project that targets spare ressources to be used…

To be honest, I think you and I both know the whole “making use of unused resources” is bs, its turned into a commercial monster and that may have been the ideal a long time ago, but now its companies and “some” individuals with MASSIVE resources who will dominate this currency… the guy with some “spare room on his HDD at home on his PC” has zero chances of ever benefitting from this proof of space token… literally ZERO. Its a shame, but I think I will be selling up my HDD’s and Plotting rigs and putting the money towards a S19 Pro instead… No matter which way I slice it I cant see myself being able to keep up with the net growth and maintain any form of profitability, the math doesnt work the cost to financially keep up FAR outweighs any possible gains from farming Chia. Oh well, it was worth a punt.

Ok, can someone explain to me why there seems to be this obsession with “keeping up with netspace gowth” thing.

AFAIK Chia revenue is strictly linear with the number of plots you have. there is no breakpoint anywhere. If other people make netspace grow, your average revenue per plot goes down accordingly, irrespective of the amount of plots you have or the % of netspace you own.

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The way I understand it, if you want a realistic chance of rewards rather than it just being a lottery ticket type situation, you should be trying to grow your own plot count at a similar rate (~4%) otherwise the chance of ever getting a reward is going to decrease dramatically over time instead of staying the same(keeping up with net space growth)
Or increasing(growing slightly faster than net space)

This is just my understanding and I could be way off base here😂

The reason you would want to “keep up with netspace growth” is to keep your income the same. Me for example: I have been adding about 100 plots per day. My income in XCH has been steadily increasing from .02 XCH per day all the way to .06 XCH per day (as of today). If/when I stop adding more plots, that number will stop climbing and gradually start going down as the netspace continues to grow. Because my contribution percentage will be going down. That is why it would be great if

  1. I could keep up forever (not going to happen).
  2. The netspace would stop growing (or slow down dramatically).
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This means you have about 220 TB plotted of which max space? When will you stop?

That is correct.

I will be stopping this weekend when my current space fills up. But only for a couple days. I have another 360TB arriving on Tuesday.

When did you make this big order? Recently or a long time ago?

Last week. I saw a good deal on a JBOD loaded with 60 hard drives, so I jumped on it. I am in this for the long haul. My plan was never to make a bunch of money right away. I have always had at least a 5 year plan. But as for now, when I fill that 360, I will be done plotting. But we’ll see.

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360 TB / 60 HDDS = 6 TB/HDD
Wow, would be interesting which amount of power this 60 drive jbod consumes in idle…

The spec sheet shows 1755 Watts. I’m expecting about $90/month. I have a power monitor. I will hook it up when it is fired up and know for sure.

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What I understand about keeping up with the netspace is basically just to keep your odds of winning relatively the same or going up. If you can create more plots than the growing rate of the netspace (and your plots contribute to the netspace size), then your chances of winning goes way up. As more plots are created and or more people are farming, there is increased competition and your chances of wining goes down.

I am stable at about 20TB and I plan to do nothing because keeping up with the netspace (which I did for a while) is futile now.

Do you have any websites you’d recommend? I’m not close to buying anything like this, but it would be fun to see what gear is available and get an idea of the prices.

I found the device I bought because it was posted on this forum. But eBay has similar equipment.

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