Plot to online server

hey all,

fairly new to chia, i was wondering if i can plot from my pc directly onto someone elses farm? and if yes, how do i do it?

This is covered in the wiki, you can create plots for someone else using their farmer key.

As for transferring the plot to them physically, that involves copying the file…

can they download it directly from my hdd?

I believe the answer is yes. A k32 is approx 109GB. Maybe better to get a drive off of them, plot to it then give the drive back

My understanding is the plots are generated with whatever key you set and that’s then attached to that final plot.

so, to keep it more comfortable for me i would suggest they download the files from me. from their side, their joy depends on their download speed? or will my upload speed also come into play here?

Both. Whichever is the slowest speed (their download, your upload) will determine the transfer rate.

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