Plotman - Add New SSD

Currently testing my rig and i have managed to install Ubuntu and Plotman though cli. Never used before so amazed i got it running.

What i dont know now is how i stop it! If i want to add a new SSD do I…

  1. ‘suspend’ plotman, turn off and add new drive, mount etc. and amend .yaml and then resume?
  2. ‘kill’ plotman and then do the above but with a new ‘plotman plot’ rather than a ‘resume’?

Many thanks

Plotman is stateless. So you can stop plotman (press q if in interactive mode) and the plot jobs keep running. Then you can edit the config file and restart plotman. On restart it automaticly detects any running plot jobs. While plotman is stopped no new jobs are started, that’s the only difference.

You cannot reboot though. Chia plot jobs, once the process has stopped, cannot be resumed.

The suspend function of plotman can pause chia plot jobs, but that also doesn’t survive a reboot.

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Thank you so much. I pressed ‘q’ in interactive, amended config and did a ‘plotman plot’ again it seems to be using new settings.

How do I do a reboot safely then? Could I press ‘q’, amend config settings to ‘0’ and wait for current jobs to end? Like…

    tmpdir_stagger_phase_major: 0
    tmpdir_stagger_phase_minor: 0
    # Optional: default is 0
    tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit: 0

    # Don't run more than this many jobs at a time on a single temp dir.
    tmpdir_max_jobs: 0

    # Don't run more than this many jobs at a time in total.
    global_max_jobs: 0

Sorry did i misread - i just stop plotman (press q if in interactive mode) and then it wont start any new jobs? Is that right?
Then I just wait for them to end and then reboot / add new drives etc.?

Yes, if you don’t want to stop running jobs you need to wait for them to finish before rebooting.

To prevent new jobs from being started you can quit plotman, set global_max_jobs to zero or press ‘p’ while plotman interactive is running (the topline will change the plotting status to inactive)

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If you want to add new tmp dir, just mount the disk and add it to your config. Restart plotman as stated above. It will use the new tmp dirs. I can confirm this works.

It’s the same for dst dirs.

I will often swap out dirs and that’s how I do it.

Only issue you may run into is once the plot starts it will continue to use the same dst/tmp dirs so if you remove them you either have to kill the job or wait until it’s done.


Thank you both.

The issue is that to add the additional ssd I need to turn off the pc. If I quit plotman/chia and restart the pc, the jobs I had running would be lost as I understand it?

OR as long as I don’t unplug or mess up the drives that there now, I could reboot and the jobs would resume?

I can confirm they all go away after reboot. I tried to suspend the jobs before and they still went poof. The files were there but wasn’t sure how to resume so I just cleared them all out again.

Currently I have a 6 bay ssd hot swap I use for all my temp dirs so I don’t need to turn off the plotter. As for destination dirs, they are either hot swap or connected to usb right now.


Thank you - understand now what I need to do :pray: