Plotman install

Hello again.

After i activate chia and try to install plotman, i get an error. Can anyone help?

(venv) username@chia:~$  > pip install --force-reinstall git+
install: unrecognized option '--force-reinstall'
Try 'install --help' for more information.
(venv) username@chia:~$ 

And thanks… again.

Remove > and use sudo.

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Different error now
(venv) username@chia:~/chia-blockchain$ sudo pip install --force-reinstall git+ sudo: pip: command not found (venv) username@chia:~/chia-blockchain$

I installed PIP (thanks Google)
sudo apt-get install python3-pip python-dev

And it now works.

Written for the benefit of anyone reading this.

Hi, Need help. Installed chia from the installer and its not at ~/chia-blockchain but rather at /lib/chia-blockchain

All this to say that I’m unable to activate, anything i do just does not work.

Whats the actual path for this
source /path/to/your/chia/install/activate

SOLVED: I installed via de command line