Plotman to hdd's, no temp ssd or nvme drive

I’m playing around with plotman. I’ve got 4 HDD’s that I’m plotting directly to.

Is there a way to specify in plotman that the temp and destination should be on the same drive?

For example:
hdd1 plots to hdd1/temp and destination is hdd1/finishedplots

Currently it wants to use hdd1/temp and then destination hdd4/finishedplots

This doesn’t make much sense for direct plotting to HDD’s, but I don’t know how to adjust it or if it’s even possible?

IN both the GUI and CLI you can specify the temp and destination folders per plot started. You will also want to use the “-2” option (under show advanced options in the GUI) which is second temp dir. Set it to the same directory as the destination dir. This avoids copying the final plot file from the tmp location to the dest location by simply building it in the dest location.

Thx, are you meaning regular plotting though?

I’m talking about using the separate “plotman” scheduling software.

Yes I was describing the chia package interfaces. I’m not using plotman so can’t answer specifics but it must allow all these directories to be specified. Hopefully someone with plotman knowledge will chime in.

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