PlotNFT Plotting in CLI

Hi all, using CLI chia. I made some plots in the GUI and they are working ok with the pool.

The ones plotted through CLI do not work, I probably made a mistake somewhere?

The command I used (found it on some tutorial for pool plotting) was:

chia plots create -k 32 -b 3389 -u 128 -r 2 -t /temp_dir -d /storage_dir -p "Owner public key" - f "Farmer public key" -n 1

Owner public key being the result of “chia keys show” - Pool public key (m/12381/8444/1/0)
Farmer public key being the result of “chia keys show” - “Farmer public key (m/12381/8444/0/0)”

With “chia farm summary” I can see that there are more plots active (71 plots). But they are not joined to the pool?

“chia plotnft show” gives me a lower number of plots than the above command. (only 21 plots, the ones I generated a while ago through the GUI)

Did I mess it up and will have to replot? Or do I have to do something for these plots I generated through CLI get recognized by the pooling part of chia?

You’ll need to replot. You just made some OG plots.

To make nft plots you’ll need to drop the -p option and use the -c option instead (the pool contract address found in chia plotnft show for your target plotnft).

See chia wiki step 4:

Note: When plotting using the CLI for pooling, do NOT use the -p argument anymore, only -c. You can still specify the -f argument like before, and other arguments have not changed.

So your plot command will be:

chia plots create -k 32 -b 3389 -u 128 -r 2 -t /temp_dir -d /storage_dir -c "pool contract address" -f "Farmer public key" -n 1
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@uChiaFarmer Thank you for the reply.

Could you maybe explain what is the nature of these plots now (these OG plots)? If I would hypothetically solo find a block with them, would I get the reward? Or would it go to the pool? Or would it just go to some black hole? Since I used the Pool public key for the -p parameter…

Trying to get my head around this :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, is there a good way of finding these plots in CLI? I now have 24 out of 71 valid NFT plots, have to delete now 47 plots.

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No problem, here’s a quick rundown.

OG plots were the original plots from before Chia implemented their NFT protocol. Unfortunately, they are not officially used for pooling (although can be, see hpool), and they are not compatible with pools using the official chia protocol for pooling. For that, you’ll need the newer NFT plots.

Yes, if you farm them as a solo farmer, if they score a block then you get the rewards.

No, and no. They’ll go to your wallet.

You can either run chia plots check and search each plot for a pool key (nft plots don’t have them). Or you can use a script I made earlier.

Just download the zip, extract it, change to the downloaded directory and run:

bash -t /path/to/your/plots

and it should pull out all the OG plots, and put them in an og-plots folder.

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Thank you so much. You are very kind and helpful :slight_smile: