Plots just stop running sometimes

I’ve had this issue on all three machines I’m running. Two of those just use CLI in Windows Powershell, the third uses Swar plotmanager

Not very often but still quite regularly plots just stop. No error, no log entry, mostly in phase 3. the chia.exe is still running in task manager, showing cpu and ram usage, but no disk writes.

Anyone else experience this, and maybe found a cause?

Ryzen 3900x
Asrock Phantom gaming 4s
4x16 GB 3200
3x 1TB SN750, raid0

You might be running too many parallel plots. Try lowering the number of parallel plots and increase by 1 after you see the plots finished successfully.

If overclocked your CPU try going back to defaults.


yeah it might be because i’m overusing threads. i’m trying now to stay within limits.

I am overclocked to 4.3 all-core, but actually since then everything has been running better :laughing:

If your system is stable with overclocking then it should not be an issue.
Removing variables from a problem is always a good way to troubleshoot.
If you are familiar with overclocking, plotting in parallel experience is not really that different.
Reach a safe number of parallel plots, then go up a bit and see the results. If it fails, go back and find a safe spot again.


This happened me to a few days ago. My case turned out to be a misconfiguration on my part.

I was aiming to run 2 plots in parallel in 3 NVMes. Instead I configured one of them to run 4 in parallel.

When I stopped 2 processes the rest continued just fine.