Plots not recognized on farm PC


I run a dedicated chia farm PC where I plug my HDDs in when done, until recently I plotted with the GUI and just transfered the HDD to the farm PC.
Now I migrated to MadMax and while the plots are created without any issues, my farm PC doesnt recognize any plots made with it.

I suspected wrong keys but double and triple checked them and they should be fine. The formatting is farmer_pk:[space]f564[…], maybe the space is wrong?

Has anyone an idea what else I could check or had similar issues? Any help is appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Can you check to make sure the ‘pool puzzle hash’ (the -c parameter in MadMax) is 62 characters long.
I remember some difficulties myself when starting with Madmax because he uses the pool puzzle hash, where i believe the chia client uses a pool contract address starting with xch… both are equivalent but MadMax expects the pool puzzle hash as input.
You can convert between those on

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no way so the address with xch doesn’t work in MadMax, am I understanding this right?

I think so, sorry. Hope you didn’t plot very many plots already.
Try one with the converted pool puzzle hash and you know for sure.
I can’t imagine we are the only ones wrong-footed here… although the MadMax github instructions are clear about the 62 characters… Maybe a clearer warning is in place.

No I am wrong! Sorry the xch… address is 62 characters.
MadMax converts it internally to the pool puzzle hash, as shown when you start it (in ubuntu CLI at least).
Sorry for the confusion, don’t know where is messed up my memories of earlier days.

Do you plot to a different directory with MadMax? Is this directory passed on in the GUI? Otherwise the farmer can’t find them.
In the Plots section of the GUI, three vertical dots top right and than Add Plot Directory.

I assume you are making NFT plots. What matters is the farmer argument and the contract argument. See the madmax readme for how to use them. Do not use the pool argument, it is an old argument.

So turns out, after trying everything, restarting the GUI did the trick and now it recognized the plots correctly. Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile: