Plots not showing up in GUI

Just upgraded to v1.3.0 on windows

Once the GUI came back up it is no longer showing any plots.

I confirmed all the directories are detected in windows and have plots in them (K32). I refreshed the GUI a few times. I reloaded all the drives again. I reinstalled GUI but all the same no plots showing up.

If anyone has any ideas I’ll give it a try.

Thank you all!

You were running 1.2.11 before the upgrade?

On the install you choose the box on the right (farmer etc, I had to ask) I have installed 1.3.0 on three of my harvesters and let it sync up with the GUI to to see if it works and it did, I shut down the GUI and started the harvesters. .\chia start -r harvester

It was version 1.2.3

Yeppers I chose the Farmer Box on the right.

It may not be possible to upgrade from any version to the latest. I couldn’t upgrade from 1.2.6 to 1.2.11, had to back off to 1.2.10, and then was able to upgrade to 1.2.11. I read other people posting the same thing running versions similar to mine.

In case any of those new versions will not start, you may want to try to run chia init as well, as that may clear some issues. Also, keep a backup of your mainnet structure so you can compare changes.

So, you may want to back off potentially to your 1.2.3, and try whether 1.2.10 will work. I would do 1.2.11 as one more step before hitting 1.3.

Or rather like it was already advised, wait for 1.3.1.

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Thank you.

You were correct went back to 1.2.3 then I had to remove the config.yaml

restarted… readded all the drives. They still did not show up then magically about 2 min later they all started to filter back in… Weird but it worked.

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That is the default timeout to rescan drives (2 mins). Although, when you start the app, I think it looks for those folders without waiting. Also, when you click through the UI while adding drives, that should also happen right away. Although maybe you were monitoring “Plot Count” field. That field is slow to update, so it is better to check “Last Attempted Proof”, as you should see it updated every 10 seconds and the second column second field is the number of plots found so far (Plots Passed Filter).

(You can modify config.yaml while chia is running to add / remove your folders - kind of faster for me. Although, you need to be careful about indentation.).