Plots not sync always yellow


Im running 2 hp servers for plotting and i have 10 plots one 1st server and 18 plots on 2nd server but, no one is sync always yellow.

I have sync time on both machines.

I define on router
port 8445 → 8444 for 1st server
port 8444 → 8444 for 2nd server

I have test ports from Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
and both are open.

I make my search before posting but i not know if just delay or something else. I have move the post to support.

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So only one of the machines is synced? Why do you need both synced? Why not run the farmer on a single machine, and point that farmer to the network drive with the other plots?

i Cannot sync any of this machines are 2 in yellow.

How I can stop the farmer from one machine?

You can simply close the GUI on the machine where you don’t want the farmer to run. It is never set to run automatically.

1st Server is HP Dl 360 P with 4 Drives plotting 1 plot for drive and Store on 2nd Server.

2nd Server is HP Dl380p with 12 Drives. 6 for plot and other 6 for storage.

If I stop the GUi on first Server it stop to Plot.

Well, I would recommend plotting from the command line always. Only farm with the GUI. That way is simpler and more flexible.

Thank you!
One computer is now sync.

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