Plots stuck running infinitly


since yesterday 2 Plots got Stuck runnign infinitly:

  • both times in the Beginning of Phase 3.
  • both times with anothe plot running parallel on the same drive.
    The plotter seems to using CPU-Cycles for hours and hours but there isno more log-outputs / progress. No error in the Plotlog.

Could someone give me a hint what the problem could be?

Thank you,


Sometimes they get deadlocked. It happened to me the other day.

Are you using the same temp folder for both processes?

I suggest killing one of the processes first. The other has a chance to carry on plotting. At least you can salvage one that way.

Yeah got the same thing ever so now and again.

No error, no clear cause, just stuck in phase 3.
Only thing to do is kill the process and delete the associated temp files.

Anyone know cause or solution?

Checked the Machine: memtest64 reports some errors. Will Swap the memory later and try again!

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Ok, swapped mem at the first Machine, no more errors this then.
but i got the same problem on another PC this night:
Plot stuck, comsuming CPU, no more progress. This time at the end of Phase3

Any suggestions?

This has happened to me twice when I filled up the disk.

Every plot takes approx 280GB of disk space while working (before it’s compacted into 110GB).

So if it’s a 500 GB drive, you are getting pretty close but should be able to fit 2.

If it’s a smaller drive or the drive has other stuff on it, then that’s likely your problem.

All drives i use have plenty of spare space :frowning:

yes I also have plenty of space, it just happens sometimes and I really can’t figure out why.

I have had it running plots where I have threads to spare, and also when running while over-assigning threads.

Could be memory related, maybe software (windows) related.

The good thing is that now because of this I have finally found the sweet spot for number of plots my system can run. I was running 12 plots, and they where taking 9 hours flat.
When one was stuck, I saw times improving drastically on the rest so I cancelled it and left it running with 11. Plots times dropped to 7:45 and that gets me more plots/day than running 12. :smiley:

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