Plots without Public Key but correct farmer key and pool contract address

Hello to all. I would like to ask a question that I couldn´t resolve reading other topics.
I have run a plot check and found some plots with a correct farmer key but showing none public key. These plots have been created with the correct pool contract address. So my farm is working propertly into a pool and receiving rewards.
But my question is, Will these plots continue running correct if I use my farm without a pool?
So if I am running into the network without a pool will my plots without a public key configured continue with attempts and will they be able to find a proof ?
Is there any way to include the public key to my plots that don´t have it configured?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.


These are nft plots, so don’t need public key.

They are nft plots, so always are in a pool, but you can self pool, or pool with others.

They will be fine if you self pool.


Ok, I understand. So I have just changed the program from the Space Pool to Self Pooling and this is the view. I asume that it´s correct, isn´t it.
I was wondering about this because 24 hours after farming Self Pooling and 15.000 attempts of my plots there are no Proofs found. So just understanding the system…
What do you think about ?

I think that working like this I could have a block running Self Pool.
Thank you very very much for your help.

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When you group pool, and see a proof it is actually a partial ( only group pooling use partials ).

When your solo ( self pooling ) you will only see a proof When you mint a block and will receive a reward.

Yes, says self pooling.

In that case, if I just only see attempts into the program like 12/1356 so Plots Passed Filter 12/1356 and Proofs Found 0 it´s correct.
I will only see more than 0 when creates a block, correct?
So the Plots Passed Filter tells me that we are running well?

I just only want to understad and make sure that my farm is working well.

Thank you very much for your good help.


Yes, that’s correct.
No problem , your welcome.

Just keep an eye on your times, you always want to respond within 5 seconds.
If your doing that you’re good.

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